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MGTOW – Middle School Boys Speak Out Against Feminism

Posted on 03/10/2018

Degradation of Males

After decades of degradation of boys and men of all ages is society starting to wake up to the vile abuse that men and boys endure from the mouths and behaviour of entitled females? Has toxic feminism turned females into loud mouthed narcissists?

The next generation of MGTOW men will likely emerge at an even younger age as the years go by. This belief was corroborated by a conversation that I had with my sister the other day as she was working at her job at a middle school. Middle school boys were asked about their frustrations with the girls at the school. A MGTOW moment ensued. #hoodiesup

The next generation of MGTOW men will likely emerge at an even younger age as the years go by. This belief was corroborated by a conversation that I had with my sister the other day as she was working at her job at a middle school. Middle school boys were asked about their frustrations with the girls at the school. A MGTOW moment ensued. #hoodiesup

This talkie video is by a young dude by the name of Sunrise Hoodie. You can check out his You Tube site at:

Some of the comments:

One punch Meme 19 months ago (edited)

Shit a few years ago there was a kid making mgtow videos. They called him the son of sandman. I can’t remember his channel name but his message was on point. I remember when I was a kid I was aware of the gender double standards. The boy’s use to get top of the play set and yell no girls allowed repeatedly. The women teachers scolded and shamed us hard, giving us detention and making sure our moms knew that we didn’t respect women. The girls would do the same thing yelling no boy’s allowed and those same teachers would walk by and give them the nod of approval. Boys even in kindergarten already know the feeling of being the bad guy by default. I’m sure every guy had that female teacher or teachers that hated his guts for nothing more than just reasons.

9 months ago (edited)

I though it was bad in the 1980s when I was in middle school and it was. What these boys are going through today is simply Hell on Earth. I pulled my son out of public school and began to home school him by grade 3. By grade 3 the misandry and complete incompetence of the entirely female staff of his “teachers” was simply out of control. Every day I watched the fire in him fade a liitle more. Fast forward a dozen years and my son is now a happy, intelligent, well adjusted adult MGTOW, pulling down 5 figures and living comfortably. Home schooling was the only option these misandrist indoctrination barns left me with. It was also the easiest and the best thing I ever did. You’re welcome, son. Public school is no place for young boys and men.

Bruce Lightfoot9 months ago

My son at age 14 this year cane to me and said “dad, there’s no point in marriage.”. I was “what do you mean?”. He was went on to say “well look at you, you work, have us full time, do all the cooking and cleaning and even did it all when you were married to mom. Women don’t do anything.”. I was floored. He figured this out in his own. Part of me does wish I could find a decent woman to be ina relationship with. No not marry. I will never give a woman that much power again. But I do wish my son could see a healthy relationship between a man and a woman.



James Williams mashes Nigel Farage over his criticism of Tommy Robinson

Posted on 03/06/2018

James Williams mashes Nigel Farage

Chimes Media founder, James Williams, mashes Nigel Farage over the latter’s criticism of Tommy Robinson. Working class hero, Tommy Robinson who stands up for the forgotten and ignored. Tommy Robinson speaks out against the malevolence and intent of Islam while Nigel Farage avoids even saying the word “Islam”.

Libertarian Support Tommy Robinson

Many of the people supporting Tommy Robinson are libertarians, not Far Rightist. Standing against the people are the political classes; the legal establishment and the media. Mr. Farage sides with them. He displays his class prejudice by attacking Tommy Robinson. By calling Tommy Robinson stupid and not very bright he decries those who look to Tommy Robinson as their voice. Nigel Farage should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Tommy Robinson to defend free speech. Nigel Farage should also be more prominent in condemning the wide-scale harm being done to our children and the Islamification of Britain.

Zuckerberg Fry Up Courtesy of Ted Cruz

Posted on 11/04/2018




Mark Zuckerberg admits that Silicon Valley is very Left leaning. He has up to 15,000 employed to control inappropriate content, but claims to know nothing about their political allegiances. 

He cannot explain why several pro-conservative and Catholic pages have been sanctioned and removed but no Leftist content. 

In the senate hearing, Mr. Zuckerberg is made uncomfortable by Senator Cruz’s powerful assertions backed up by examples, but the conclusion can only be that Zuckerberg acts as a demigod and allows censorship of material that he and his employees feel are not in line with their own political views. It is disturbingly fascistic in the way that the company operates. It clearly does not obey its own rules.

Facebook needs to be sanctioned heavily for 1st Amendment violations of other content users. Zuckerberg is either an incompetent CEO or a blatant liar. The situation cannot go unpunished as the implications are very serious and other tech giants need to know the limitations of their power.

James Williams

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Conservative Student Banned From Class By Feminist Teacher

Posted on 10/03/2018

By The Red Elephants

Published on Mar 9, 2018

Lake Ingles, a conservative student was banned from class at Indiana University in Pennsylvania after challenging his Professor, Alison Downie, on the gender wage gap. His professor also opened the floor only to women and discriminated openly against men. She forced the students to watch a TED talk by a trans woman who spoke about white male privilege. 

Dr Alison Downie - Duquesne University


Dr. Alison Downie denied there were any biological differences between men and women and then proceeded to discriminate against the male students in her class.







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