Chimes Media is new and is ready to grow like a seedling in virgin soil, but it needs nurturing and development to improve and become formidable. It is ripe for anyone with hidden talent and a desire to make a difference. Could that be you? You do not need to be ambitious to contribute. All you need is a desire to say something or do something and to leave your mark. 

If you want to add and manage articles and particular interests without all the hassle of running your own site, OR you have a website and you want to expand your contacts then may be you could do that by contributing to Chimes Media. Express your interest on the contact form below.

The Challenge

The ‘traditional’ news (legacy media) reporting has been exposed many times in recent years as having serious flaws in the way news is gathered and presented. Stories that are put forward can now be much more easily checked than in previous times and have often been found to be lacking in accuracy and loaded with misleading bias.

The journalistic profession has been sadly discredited by those who purport to be journalists, but are basically activists pursuing a cause. Pushing an ideological narrative can push out the truth and close minds. This provides fertile environment for the emergence of Fake News. Fake News is that which is presented as actual news when it is little more than propaganda. Fake News is not without consequence. It damages the social and economic well being of communities and families. It can also undermine the physical and mental health of individuals and has been found to be a factor in family breakups.

Seeking Solutions

What people need is news that reports stories that are trustworthy and reliable. Chimes Media would like to promote the growth of CITIZEN JOURNALISM. It is no easy task to achieve this,  but we want to offer a platform and a channel for those who are witnesses to events to come forward and tell or show others what they have seen and heard first hand. Chimes Media is not looking for politically correct accounts, just the raw truth. We are not looking for people who are academically gifted, just those who have something to say or show.

CITIZEN JOURNALISM action does not have to be just about carrying a smartphone around just in case something happens. It can also mean finding and producing articles to produce on Chimes Media that are informative and truthful.

Chimes Media will be linked to other sites, both traditional and alternative news sources. Ordinary people can become  extraordinary people by reporting what they see without worrying about language and grammar. They will be the CITIZEN JOURNALISTS who are at events and who report the raw data as things unfold or happen before their eyes.  CITIZEN JOURNALISTS can be virtually anyone. They are the witnesses and the news. Additionally, if someone pays for those stories we will endeavour to make sure they benefit from it.





If writing content, then please avoid unnecessary vulgarities and do not show explicit pornography


If you would like to contribute a news piece, video footage or any other item of interest or are able to assist with the development of this site to offer a more effective service then please contact Chimes Media on the form below or simply by emailing: