It is perhaps an unfortunate necessity of life that for anything to function it needs resources to do so. Chimes Media is no exception. In a world where it is sometimes difficult to know when you are being told the truth or someone else’s propaganda and lies, Chimes Media sets out with the intention of siding with the truth wherever it can. For that, it needs to be independent, but it also needs to rely on the kindness and generosity of people like you. 

Why a subscription? A subscription is similar to a membership in that enables you, as a contributor to have more of a say on how Chimes Media operates. It gives you an author’s privilege to publish your own articles, provided they avoid vulgarities and making libelous claims against others that would land us all in court. That said, please give as much as you are willing to give and so long as you are able to afford it.

Kind Regards

James Williams