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Weird Underwater Phenomena

Posted on 26/08/2018

Alien spacecraft

140,000 year old Alien Ship

An object straight out of Star Wars was discovered by Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg’s crew at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Dating techniques suggest it’s 140,000 years old! Many believe it to be remnants of a UFO crash.



Strange sounds

Lava in Water

A distinct, unidentifiable sound was recorded by scientists in 1991. Since its first recording, ‘the sound’ has been detected in areas all across the Pacific Ocean. Scientists believe it is the sound of lava coming into contact with ocean water, but they just aren’t sure.


Real-life sea monsters

Great White Shark

Recently, a 9 foot-long great white shark’s tag washed up onto the shore, bloody and battered. Scientists concluded that the shark was eaten by an unknown, larger sea creature.

  •  Comment: This one I remember from a few years back. The scientists monitoring I believe said that the shark had been swimming within about 30 feet of the surface and suddenly took a massive dive into the depths well below its normal range. The suggestion was that a giant squid may have grabbed it.

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Something Prophetic is Happening Worldwide

Posted on 13/08/2018

By Jason A


Jason A produces some high quality and compelling videos. This is just one, but it very much carries religious doomsday theme. Whether its a biblical end of days situation or not that is not for me to direct you.

We have had climate change shoved down our throats for many years and, inevitably people who have followed the narrative will see many of the items shown in this 16 minute long video as evidence of that.  The thing is, climate change goes on all the time. It would not be right in itself if everything remained static. There is a wealth of evidence show that during the Jurassic Period, the Earth’s temperature was 5 degrees hotter than today. What I find irritating is that the con artists try to guilt cash out of us by saying its all our fault that the planet’s climate is changing. It seems that by coughing up loads of money, they have the solution that will save us all.

I have never had a decent explanation from these protagonists to explain to me why the sun, which makes up about 99% of the mass of the solar system plays no part in things.

Anyway if you wish to visit Jason A and engage these are his contact details:




In the meantime here are some screen shots of comments that are to be found under this video:End of Times2End of Times3End of Times4

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Posted on 31/05/2018

This is an educational article to take you on an educational journey of geographical  discovery and which may change the way you see the World. Sit back and enjoy.

Produced by Zimbax

Cool Maps that will change the way you see the World

0:26 – *The world of 7 billion* / For more information click this:… 0:46 – *Railways around the world* 1:02 – *Road fatalities* 1:19 – *Religion around the world* 1:38 – *Light eyes* 1:56 – *The hair color of our world leaders* 2:14 – *Uh or Um* 2:32 – *Cars around the world* 2:48 – *World life expectancy map* 3:07 – *Terror threat around the world* 3:24 – *Alcohol consumtion* 3:42 – *Natural hazards* (Sorry for bad quality) 3:58 – *Urbanisation* 4:16 – *Bro* 4:32 – *Richest person in each state*


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