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Posted on 12/08/2018

Evidence and reason are being ignored and dismissed as hate speech. People are being persecuted and arrested for trying to tell the truth and expose the lies. Most people feel helpless. They do not know what to do or are afraid to say or do anything.


Posted on 04/08/2018

• The window in Tommy’s cell opened opposite the prison mosque, so other prisoners would file passed it. He was unable to leave this open during the stifling heat of a hot summer because other prisoners would throw faeces and spit through it. This is psychological torture. Why was this permitted by the prison authorities?
• His meals were apparently prepared by other prisoners. He could not see if anything had been put in them. Another prisoner would present him with a plate of ‘food’ at his door and say “Hope you enjoy your meal, Tommy.” Consequently, he could not eat it. Why were meals being prepared for an at-risk prisoner by the very people who wanted to kill him? 
• Why was Tommy denied more than £12 allowance per week which he had to spend on food?

The Attack on Freedom

Posted on 20/07/2018

To focus on solely on the police and authorities as the ones attacking our freedoms is to miss the multi-vector mode of this attack. It is coming through mass illegal migration. It is coming from attempts to force integration of peoples that are in conflict with each other and who many are diametrically opposed to Western culture, including freedom of speech and expression. It is also coming from the insidious division between groups into multiple definitions of identity where there is always an oppressor group versus an oppressed group. Two French fans die as violence erupts across the country after World Cup win over Croatia. Celebrations turned into widespread rioting, looting and ugly clashes with cops who deployed tear gas to try to control…

Move to Murder

Posted on 16/06/2018

the government and the UK establishment have lost legitimacy. People are defiant and angry. Meanwhile the Government sets about targeting vulnerable individuals with bogus hate speech crimes.

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