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Posted on 20/05/2018

If you can only spout rhetoric and memes that are produced by someone else; if you only allow your pre-programmed mental conditioning to interpret facts in a particular way, and if you choose to ignore the warnings that the facts are presenting to you, then how do you know that you are not navigating into dangerous waters?

Fall of the May Feminists

Posted on 01/05/2018

Amber Rudd MP resigned as Home Secretary after threatening to deport the children of Commonwealth migrants that had come to the UK prior to 1973. Astonishingly, the UK Government had destroyed documentation that proved they were bona fide British citizens.

Zuckerberg Fry Up Courtesy of Ted Cruz

Posted on 11/04/2018

Facebook needs to be sanctioned heavily for 1st Amendment violations of other content users. Zuckerberg is either an incompetent CEO or a blatant liar. The situation cannot go unpunished as the implications are very serious and other tech giants need to know the limitations of their power.

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