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The Attack on Freedom

Posted on 20/07/2018

To focus on solely on the police and authorities as the ones attacking our freedoms is to miss the multi-vector mode of this attack. It is coming through mass illegal migration. It is coming from attempts to force integration of peoples that are in conflict with each other and who many are diametrically opposed to Western culture, including freedom of speech and expression. It is also coming from the insidious division between groups into multiple definitions of identity where there is always an oppressor group versus an oppressed group. Two French fans die as violence erupts across the country after World Cup win over Croatia. Celebrations turned into widespread rioting, looting and ugly clashes with cops who deployed tear gas to try to control…

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley denounces the United Nations Human Rights Council’s failure on human rights

Posted on 19/07/2018

Human Rights Council is meant to be a place of conscience, but more often has provided cover and not condemnation for the world’s most inhumane regimes. The UNHRC has become the UN’s greatest failure.

Non Muslims = Kafirs

Posted on 16/07/2018

the government has shared supplied arms to the Muslim youths and the army are willing Islamism to kill and wipe out Christians in Nigeria. We have more than 800 million Christians in Nigeria and they are defenceless

300,000 Americans have Died from Opioid related Overdoses since 2000

Posted on 02/07/2018

The opioid epidemic is now affecting marine life in Seattle. People in greater Seattle are consuming so many opioids that it’s contaminating the wastewater and draining into the sound. For the first time, scientists who monitor pollution have detected traces of oxycodone in the mussels of Puget Sound. Source A new study estimates the opioid crisis has cost Washington state alone $34 billion over four years. Nationwide, the economic cost of the crisis was estimated to be $504 billion in 2015 alone. More than 300,000 Americans have died from opioid-related overdoses since 2000. In 2016, more than 2 million Americans had an addiction to prescription or illicit opioids. President Trump has called the opioid crisis a national shame and has organized his Administration to…

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