Political Tribalism

Sociology and politics have fallen apart and the quest to find the truth has been abandoned.

Ewan Jones

I argue that across the western world in the fields of politics and sociology, the situation is bad. In the university system the subject of sociology is dominated by the radical left-wing. The mainstream media is also controlled by this school of thought. And in the arena of politics, in many western countries, we have a system of left and right-wing, two party tribalism.

I assert that both sociology and politics have fallen apart, because in these realms, the quest to find the truth has been abandoned. If we are to save these two fields we must rekindle a belief in the enlightenment. Once this happens Western society will have the tools it needs to save itself and to build a better future.

Author: James Williams

Former presenter at Express FM radio, James Williams created the discussion program ‘Men’s Matters’. This was transmitted via radio and the internet across the globe receiving listeners from as far away as Australia, Canada and the USA. He has appeared on live day time chats and produced pre-recorded interview based discussions covering a wide variety of topics (social, cultural, medical and political). He has also produced a number of videos for You Tube. As a former city councillor, James helped hundreds of clients sort out numerous issues such as child abuse, housing and transport. He was Chair of a committee that produced a report on child neglect in Portsmouth and, by himself, secured a unanimous vote from Portsmouth City Council in 2010 to establish Goodwill Day every year on 18th December (7 days before Christmas). This was intended to encourage ordinary people to extend the spirit of Christmas to the lonely and isolated. James’ creative thinking has seen him publish two sci-fi novels with more on the way. He is a student of ethics and founder of Dimensional Theory, a grand theory of inter-connectivity.

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