Covington Facecrime

‘Defamation Dream Team’ of Five Law Firms to Sue Journalists, Media

Outlets, and Celebrities Who Attacked Covington Kids

A team of very high profile lawyers are joining together to fight for justice for the Covington Catholic High School students who were ruthlessly attacked by the media following a school trip to DC for the March for Life.

According to lawyer Robert Barnes, who is representing several of the families, the team will include at least five lawyers from five different law firms — all with a record of high profile civil cases. Gateway Pundit

How it Started

A group of students from Covington Roman Catholic School had been taking part in a March for Life rally ain Washington DC. It is an all male school and some of the boys were as young as 14. They had split up into groups afterwards to do some sightseeing, but had been told be at the Lincoln Memorial by 5.30 pm to catch their buses for the return trip to Kentucky. Most arrived at 4.30 pm When they started assembling there were 4 or 5 African-American protesters near the steps. They identified as the Black Hebrew Israelites group. The boys kept away from them who then started hurling abuse and racist comments. From their own film, the protesters called the boys “racists,” “bigots,” “white crackers,” “faggots,” and “incest kids.” They also taunted an African American student from the school by telling him that we would “harvest his organs.” One student asked a teacher chaperone for permission to begin school spirit chants to counter the hateful things that were being shouted at them. The chants are used at sporting events and all positive in nature. The chants were loud because they wanted to drown out the hateful comments that were being shouted at them.

Lies of Nathan Philips

However, another group of Native American protesters arrived and approached the boys. The lead man was Nathan Phillips who began banging his drum and walked right into the group. The boys parted for him to let him through. Phillips was filmed going right up to one of the boys, Nick Sandmann who was wearing a red MAGA hat. Phillips came within inches of Nick’s face continually banging his drum. The boy was not sure what his intentions were so he stood his ground and smiled.       Everything was filmed by different cameras, but then the vile insults started. CNN were among the leaders along with many mainstream Fake News outlets. The boys were condemned as racists and bigots and all manner of threats and vulgarities vomited out. Calls for violence and obscenities to be visited upon the boys came from shrieking and hysterical celebrities. The malevolent sentiments were widely echoed across America and around the world aided and abetted by what have become know as the Fake News media.

Cowardly Clerics

However, among the abusing mob were the boys own clerics who threatened to have them expelled and were more than a little quick to throw their own children to the wolves without bothering to at least fact check first. Phillips, a long time Leftist activist tried to play the victim card by making claims of racism and abuse that were not backed up by the extensive evidence of the available film footage. This report could be many pages long, so it is best to display the pictures and play the Chimes Media video, Covington Facecrime.                   I will say, that if you cannot speak with the real bigots that hate white people, that hate men (especially white men) who hate western society, that hate the culture that is responsible for 98% of inventions in the modern world; that has done most to bring freedom to individuals whose ancestors had never known; if these people will not listen to reason, then talking is sadly over. The outcome is either we split and live separately or we fight and kill until one side wins.



I was passing through Parliament Square, across the road from the Houses of Parliament and I discovered a group of black African people gathering Some of them had flags and on the flags was the name “Ambazonia”. As a journalist I took pictures.                     Less than an hour after that, I came across them again. Many were strewn across Whitehall outside of Downing Street and stopping traffic.

Please watch the video.

The New State of Ambazonia

The new name, Ambazonia, is derived from the name of the bay on their coastline, Ambas Bay and has also been referred to as being Amba Land. It is situated in the South West of Cameroon and is mainly English speaking as was the North of the country which became a part of Nigeria in 1961.           Ambazonia or South Cameroons declared independence from Cameroon (West Africa) in September 2017. It followed escalating unrest that culminated in the main Cameroon government carrying out a series of brutal attacks that have been described as genocidal in nature. President Paul Biya has been president since 1982. That is 37 years. He would have to know what was going on, so he cannot wash his hands of the crimes being committed against these people. In fact, some of his language has led Cameroons to fear being ethnically cleansed. There have been videos, pictures and reports produced to support the claims. These included indiscriminate killing, wholesale burning of villages, rapes and humiliating acts. A petition by South Cameroons was presented to the United Nations and provided details of police raping students at a university.

Cause of the Divide

                    The South Cameroons are English-speaking citizens of South Cameroons while the rest of Cameroon is French speaking and this is the crux of the matter. The English citizens feel strongly, and not without justification, that they are being treated as second class citizens. From being blatantly penalized in the education system for being English speaking, things have degenerated into barbaric attacks. People have had their homes torched and their young people murdered. Like a lot of third world states, Cameroon has been in receipt of large amounts of Foreign Aid from the United Nations. That seems to have stopped. Only to be replaced by support from France.

Like a number of places in West Africa, Cameroon has suffered vicious attacks by the dreaded Boko Haram, an extremist Islamic group renowned for their violent attacks, especially against children. While they kidnap girls, boys suffer machete attacks and being burned alive. To combat this, Cameroon has developed its own special forces unit, presumably receiving specialist training from the French military. The Cameroon special forces have quickly gained a reputation for being just as brutal as Boko Haram. The French authorities are allegedly taking the lead in resolving the issue in South Cameroons. How they are doing that is uncertain. The British role in the matter is to “Monitor the situation.”

Meanwhile, ten leaders of the Ambazonia separatist movement were arrested whilst in exile in Nigeria a year ago. They have been facing a Yaounde military tribunal, but have refused to identify as Cameroons. Instead there have been calls for them to be returned to the sanctuary of Nigeria.

In writing this article, there are big gaps in the available information, so this is pieced together from what I have found so far.


Iran – The Cry for Democracy

NCRI – Resistance Against Tyranny On a chance encounter, I was in London on 5th January 2019 and came across a peaceful demonstration by the NCRI in Whitehall across the road from Downing Street. I don’t often go to London, but when I do go, there is usually something of interest and peculiarity to see. Demonstrations in this location are quite common and take place for all sorts of reasons, but this group seem to have a moral edge to it. NCRI stands for the National Council of Resistance of Iran and basically want the establishment of democracy to replace the corrupt and tyrannous rule of the Islamic despots. that currently reign there. According to their explanatory leaflet, they are formed from a broad coalition of democratic organizations, groups and personalities that were founded in Tehran in 1981 by Massoud Rajavi. They make up the Iranian Resistance in opposition to the theocratic dictatorship in Iran.  They boast to having about 500 members and act as a parliament in exile who believe in a secular republic i.e. the separation of Church and State. Maryam Rajavi is their elected leader and is regarded as Iran’s President-Elect. It cannot be ignored that US economic sanctions are having a detrimental effect on the Iranian economy, but for those who are able to look at things without Trump derangement syndrome clouding their judgement, the US administration were quite right to stop paying ‘financial tribute’ to a regime as malevolent as the Mullah’s tyranny. Hundreds have died through the despotic acts of the tyrannical clerics of Iran. Among those that have been slain, Maryam Rajavi has lost two sisters to conflict. The first was executed under the Shah’s rule in the 1970s and the second died under torture while eight months pregnant in 1982. Maryam’s husband, Massoud Izadkhah, was also executed along with many others due to the brutal purge of dissidents by the Ayatollah Khomeini. She escaped to France in 1982 or would have probably followed her husband to the grave.   I will place the pages of their brochure here and the video will follow. However, I feel I should highlight the serious and dangerous life the NCRI’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, has had. Should the Mullahs fall and democracy is established in Iran, there is every prospect that she will be the interim president for a transitional period.

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The NCRI Story

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Climate Change Uncovered

The Heresy of Global Warming Denial

Well, what a thorny topic this one is. I am sure that many people do not know what to make of what is going on regarding climate change. Probably most others though will have decided that all is true and we are all going to be cooked alive as the planet transforms itself into Venus. How can they believe any other when such a message is being delivered at multiple levels – in education, the media, so-called scientists, public officials, the entertainments industry, and through employers.  Furthermore, every weather event, from powerful winds to torrential rainfall or conversely, drought is being used as evidence that we humans are really bad for what we have done with greenhouse gases.

It goes further, if you are one of the doubters and sceptics then you risk being roundly condemned as an idiot and ignoramus. Worse, you can be treated as a heretical hater and targeted with physical and economic sanctions for your wrong-think and bigotry.  

These fears ignore counter arguments that provide for healthy discussion and the prospect of balanced views. We find all-too-often that poorly considered concepts form the back bone of public policy and, in the case of climate change, international policy. Policy becomes law along with another tier of taxation and once again the main stream media act like low IQ shrieking banshees by adopting a now boring partisan view oblivious and deaf to alternate points of view.

Climate change has become entrenched in minds as firmly as any religious belief system. It has become a dogma that form the mindset of an indoctrinated group.

In spite of Western countries proclaiming to be secular (i.e. non-religious) people always seem to want to have faith in something (even if it is just their local football team). Anyone who does not believe can expect to be condemned as a heretic and, with that label, can be heaped on all sorts of other denigrations such as “racist” or “misogynist” without any evidence that you actually are so. 

 This attitude is disturbingly authoritarian and a touch pathological   to boot. To illustrate this, listen for claims about “humans   destroying the planet” and there are “too many humans”. What   does that mean other than to suggest that there is a need for a cull   of humans. Ironically these people are not volunteering to be first   in line for the chopping block. Instead they typically have to   pointing the finger at another group to take the blame. This is   where the pathological side of identity politics rears its ugly head   for the ones to blame are white people or, more specifically white   males and even straight white males. It has to males whatever   because many of those doing the shrieking are white middle class   feminists.

Global Warming Dishonesty 

I am not going to go into all the ins and outs as that would take a scientific paper to cover all the aspects and, I am not a scientist and that is another thing, but I would encourage readers to look at Tony Heller’s productions on You Tube or Bitchute. He is not a declared scientist either, but an engineer who uses the already available and presents a story of dishonesty and downright fraud among our supposedly smarter Earth dwellers.

Let us start with a believable truth. Is there climate change? Such a question is like asking if there is air to breathe. Climate change is a constant evolution on planets having fluid atmospheres. All other planets in the solar system undergo climate change over time. Even Jupiter’s Great Red spot did not exist at one time and will disappear at some point in the future, though probably not in our lifetime.


Fluidic behaviour tends to be cyclical. The seasons, the tides, the way life and death, all of it has a cyclical aspect about it. To notice this, you do not need to be a scientist. I know of a number of farmers who could attest to this and none of them are scientists.

What has grasped the elitist world is that a) global warming is occurring; b) Co2 is the cause and c) Humans are responsible. .

Carbon Dioxide – Guilty or Not Guilty of causing Global Warming?

I will leave you to make your own mind up, but here are some truisms. Unfortunately, if you have already been indoctrinated by sustained propaganda messages and embrace the global warming claim, then you are probably going to react in a hostile manner to any possible challenge. If you are emotionally compromised in this way it suggests your thoughts are not your own but have become dogmas within you.

  1. The atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels are at 0.04% compared to water vapour levels which average at about 3% (depending where you live) which means there is about 75 times as much water vapour than CO2. Both are greenhouse gases and CO2 is more efficient at being so, but not 75 times as much therefore CO2 cannot be entirely to blame for global warming.
  2. An ice core sample taken from Antarctica provides a record of Earth’s climate stretching back hundreds of thousands of years. What it shows are temperatures and CO2 levels. It is clear that warming and cooling occur over time and are cyclical.
  3. What is interesting from the graph is that temperature changes precede changes in CO2 levels, not the other way round. In other words, as the temperature rises so does the level of CO2 and when temperature falls, so does the CO2 level. CO2 levels follow temperature changes not the other way round.
  4. If CO2 controls climate temperature then why, when CO2 levels are at their maximum does the temperature drop and we end up with an Ice Age? Does this not suggest that other factors are involved?
  5. Apparently, sea water absorbs much of the atmosphere’s CO2, but warm water is unable to retain as much as cold water. Therefore when it is warm, the sea releases more CO2 into the atmosphere which causes a measurable rise. Conversely, when it is cold, the sea reduces the amount. Again it is temperature that controls CO2 levels.
  6. Plants like CO2. It helps them grow and also to produce more fruits, seeds and vegetables. Greenhouse gardeners can attest to this. When they introduce CO2 to their plants, they get higher and better quality yields. It follows therefore that if we were to eliminate CO2 then that would not bode well for plant life and food abundance. To try to eliminate CO2 may be an extremely stupid idea since there is a strong possibility that food production will be adversely affected.
  7. Most life congregates around the warmer regions of the Earth and only about 2% lives in the polar region. This suggests that life prefers warm climates over cold.
  8. Looking at the graphical displays, the evidence shows that the general temperature changes are trending downwards and comparative photos show that the ice caps are growing, not shrinking.

On these points, I would vote ‘Not guilty’ to the charge that CO2 is causing Global Warming or that it will be the reason why we are plunged into another Ice Age.

It may make a contributing effect, but I do not believe that it is the main driver. Its proportion in the atmosphere appears to be as a consequence of changes of temperature, not the other way round. If this is the case, then why is there such a powerful desire to force people to accept something which is obviously flawed?


Humans – Guilty or Not Guilty of causing Global Warming?

The human factor is a little more complicated since objective data has to cope with the scrutiny of subjective belief.

Looking at the Ice Core graph and other follow up displays such as temperature changes in the past 130 years, there is no getting away from the fact that the 1930s saw some of the hottest temperatures on record. All temperature graphs seem to show the same trends of the Earth going through warm periods, followed by cooler ones. These are trends that are reflected over long time periods counting in thousands of years or over shorter periods of a century. 



  1. The pro-warming supporters do seem to be guilty of not presenting data honestly. There is a tendency to display graphs showing an increase in temperatures since 1960. They conveniently miss out the earlier data, which is every bit as relevant, and shows that prior to their start point temperatures were much warmer. Starting at a low point means the trend is more likely to show an upward trend as this is the upward part of a natural cycle.
  2. Tony Heller makes the case that there is some manipulation and ‘cherry picking’ of data to try to convey an alarming warming trend.
  3. There is the moving tipping point threshold for CO2 levels. Originally, 300 parts per million was the first tipping point level. When that was crossed and nothing happened it became 350. That was also crossed, so it was moved to 400 and now, I believe it is at 450 parts per million. This is the same as “moving the goalposts”.
  4. There does appear to have been at least six Ice Ages in the UK. Humans surely cannot be held responsible for previous warming and the freeze periods that followed them. Yet the claim is that our industrialized world is set to destroy the planet and or produce the next Ice Age.
  5. There is a strong desire to show a single cause for climate change rather than a multiplicity of factors of which the human factor is just one.

a) The sun makes up 99% of the entire solar system.

b) Changes in solar energy output. Over time, the sun’s diameter expands and shrinks. We do know that the sun goes through an 11 year sunspot cycle which affects its radiation output. However, it is also believed to have much longer cycles stretching hundreds and thousands of years.

c) Changes in the Earth’s orbital path. The Earth does not orbit the sun in a smooth elliptical trajectory. It tends to orbit in a ‘corkscrew’ movement. Not only that, over a period of time it spends some years closer to the sun and other years further away.

d) Periodic changes within the Earth’s core. This could lead to significant periods of volcanic activity and may also affect the Earth’s protective magnetosphere.

e) Asteroid/ meteorite impacts. The problem with this is that you would expect such events to happen randomly which would not fit in with the regular of warming and cooling cycles.

The next question is: Are we cooling or warming? 1934 was recorded as the hottest year of the 20th Century in the USA and 1963 the coldest. Although, in 1977 people froze to death in their cars in Boulder, Texas.


Is The Global Temperature Record Credible? (version 2)


Verdict on Humans causing global warming.

As it appears that we are in fact due to cool rather than warm then the assertion is incorrect. However, that does not mean that humans are entirely innocent. Given that the climate runs in cycles and has always done so, the best we can say is that humans will make some contribution but it is not leading to warming and as there are other significant factors such as the sun involved humans are not guilty as charged.


In conclusion, the global warming argument is a massive scam designed to transfer wealth from one group of people to another group of people and they are using propaganda and deception to ‘guilt’ the masses into hand over their ‘cash’ while making them believe they are saving the planet. Meanwhile, those who dare to call out the fraud are targeted as deniers, haters and stupid.