Totalitarians Arise

Conceit of Deceit[/caption]


Paul Joseph Watson

How to silence your political opposition using this one simple trick By corralling basic conservative opinions and beliefs under the umbrella of “hate speech,” social media giants have invented a new ploy to censor conservatives while claiming they are not censoring conservatives. Nationalism, patriotism, populism, and Christianity are all now being treated as “hateful” by Big Tech. These companies then engage in a form of legalese where they assert they are not banning people for their personal or political opinions, but because of violations of terms of service. But the truth is that merely holding and expressing nationalist, populist, patriotic or Christian opinions and beliefs is deemed a “violation” because such beliefs have been subjectively defined as “hateful”. For example, PayPal announced it was banning Infowars last week because Infowars had “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance”. In real terms, this meant that we had opposed the teaching of transgenderism to young children in schools and criticized political Islam. Alex Jones was also de-platformed by every major Big Tech firm over spurious claims of “hateful” content that were never specifically quantified. As the leaked Google meeting video illustrates, since November 2016, Big Tech vowed to use its vast power to squelch a movement that Silicon Valley elitists convinced themselves is based on “racism,” “xenophobia” and “extremism”. READ MORE from this link

James Williams

6 signs of Regressive Leftism
  • Opposed to freedom of speech
  • Extreme racism and sexism – being anti- white and white men
  • Arguments are not arguments but labels, insults and stereotyping.
  • Ban everything that you don’t approve of
  • Denial of reality
  • Authoritarian
Individually, when facing the realities of life and the starkness and harshness that abounds, you need something to believe in if you are not prepared to embrace established religion. The Left’s faith is that of Utopia – the perfect society. It’s the same as the theist’s heaven except that the Left wishes to create it on Earth. In their view, to oppose the concept or the path to Utopia is obstructing good. It is denying plenty for all and the end of oppression. The experiment has been played out in many different settings and each time has led to hunger, extreme oppression sometimes the death of millions. The utopia is a bank that tends to be empty on morality and high on hate.  ]]>

Vote With Your Feet Move to Gab

CHIMES COMMENT from James Williams Gab is the number one Twitter alternative with the huge advantage of NOT censoring you because you said the wrong thing. Unlike the older tech companies such as Facebook and Google you are not a commodity who’s details can be sold to anyone and everybody that wishes to buy them. Don’t wait for Twitter to collapse. Make it collapse. Use your consumer power to move to, Bitchute and Secure your freedom and let the baddies die in their own arrogance.


On Tuesday 25th September 2018, flew a plane over Silicon Valley for several hours with a message: Trump: Investigate Twitter! Join We hope to send a message to Big Tech: interfering in the electoral process by selectively censoring, suspending, and shadowbanning users is not going to stand. Big Tech is now the enemy of The

People and of freedom.

We are fighting back by building the home of free speech online. The amazing thing about is that it is 100% funded, built, and owned by you, The People. In under one week we have raised almost $500,000 from our users who will now become shareholders in the company. If you’re interested in investing and joining us on this journey to

defend liberty for all people and taking on Big Tech, you can learn more here.

We are adding 100,000 new users a month on average and making big improvements to the Gab experience. If you haven’t logged in for a bit, now is a good time to see what you’ve been missing.


Brexit and Chimes & Me

  This is really bad news[/caption] James Williams makes comment throughout this video which falls into two basic subjects: 1) Brexit 2) Why and how James came to set up Chimes Media. On Brexit, the UK is to hand over £40bn of taxpayers’ money for two-thirds of nothing. The EU’s, Michel Barnier, has already made it clear that the Chequers plan is “dead in the water” and Theresa May needs to come up with something better. Barnier went on to say “We do not need more time. What we need are political decisions”. After strong criticism of Theresa May and her leadership, James Williams then goes on to where he explains his participation in politics, media and advocacy work. He reveals his hopes for the future of Chimes Media.   “From what I can deduce,” says James Williams, “the UK Government’s Brexit white paper covers four areas:

  • economic partnership,
  • security partnership,
  • future areas of cooperation such as aviation and nuclear power, and
  • the frameworks needed to enforce the agreement.
The problem is that most of those in political power have no experience of the real world and how to negotiate at a business level. Our politicians and most of the media class are nothing more than arrogant buffoons who think they know it all, but are unskilled and clueless.” James Williams (CEO of Chimes Media) [videopress tAN4f5MQ]  ]]>