Tiangong-1 is no more

Tiangong-1JChina’s prototype space station, whose name translates as “Heavenly Palace 1,” met a fiery end in Earth’s atmosphere today (April 1), breaking apart and burning up in the skies over the southern Pacific Ocean at about 8:16 p.m. EDT (0016 April 2 GMT), according to the U.S. Strategic Command’s Joint Force Space Component Command (JFSCC).


“The JFSCC used the Space Surveillance Network sensors and their orbital analysis system to confirm Tiangong-1’s re-entry,” U.S. Air Force officials wrote in a statement. [Tiangong-1: China’s Falling Space Station in Pictures]

Some pieces of the school-bus-size Tiangong-1 almost certainly survived the fall, but the odds that

they caused any damage or injury are extremely small: You had a less than 1-in-1-trillion chance of getting hit by a flaming chunk of the heavenly palace, according to experts with the Aerospace Corporation. 


Tiangong 1 due to re-enter 1400 GMT on 1st April

By Tariq Malik, Space.com Managing Editor | March 29, 2018


  ARLINGTON, Va. – The falling Chinese space station Tiangong-1 is tumbling in orbit and may crash back to Earth early Easter Sunday (April 1), experts say. Estimates for the crash of Tiangong-1 range sometime between March 31 and April 1, with a focus of 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) on April 1, according to Aerospace Corp., which is tracking the space lab’s fall. That April 1 target comes with an error of 16 hours, so the spacecraft could potentially begin its fiery death dive anytime between Saturday and Sunday afternoon. An analysis by the European Space Agency also supports that re-entry estimate. Tiangong-1GTiangong-1H But scientists and engineers still cannot pinpoint exactly where and when the 9.4-ton (8.5 metric tons) space station will fall. Partly that is because the school bus-size Tiangong-1 is tumbling as it falls, which makes it hard to predict how atmospheric drag will affect the spacecraft’s re-entry time and path, Aerospace Corp. engineers said Wednesday (March 28). “It is tumbling,” Roger Thompson, a senior engineering specialist with Aerospace Corp., told reporters at the company’s office here Wednesday. “We have been able to confirm that there is a tumble, we just can’t tell the orientation.” Aerospace Corp. confirmed using U.S. Air Force radar data and telescope observations, Thompson said.]]>

Lauren Southern Speaks at European Parliament in Protest of Recent UK Actions

UK MEP Janice Atkinson slams UK Government. “Britain is no longer a bastion of free speech.”

Breitbart Article

Populist UK MEP Janice Atkinson of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) parliamentary group slammed the British government in a press conference at the European Parliament on Wednesday over the recent treatment of Canadian journalist and activist Lauren Southern. Ms. Atkinson, who serves as a Vice-President of the ENF, a group which has included Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders, former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Italian La Lega leader Matteo Salvini, and others, slammed the UK government for detaining and refusing entry to Ms. Southern under the UK terrorism act. The detention and banning of Southern came only days after the three-day detention of Identitarian activist Martin Sellner and American author and political commentator Brittany Pettibone who were both also banned from entering the UK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odGiYJdFtE0 Before the press conference, Atkinson told Breitbart London: “How can this Conservative government stop young conservative people who are concerned about their freedoms and European identity coming into the UK, yet they cannot stop 500 jihadis re-entering the UK and do not have the manpower to monitor them?” “Amber Rudd is going after the easy targets of young conservatives and free speech but is presiding over yet another failure to stop Pakistani grooming gangs in Telford. We’ve lost all sense of proportion, fairness, and are becoming a totalitarian state,” she added. Atkinson railed against the government, which she said should be looking outward to the rest of the world in terms of trade after Brexit, for refusing Southern entry. Lauren & MEPJanice Atkinson Nigel Farage Lauren Southern Ms. Southern, who was detained under the Terrorism Act for “inciting racial hatred” for a social experiment she and others undertook in which they claimed “Allah is a gay God”, explained her story of being detained and asked questions such as her thoughts on running down Muslims with a truck. She also gave context to the “Allah is a gay God” social experiment claiming she had been inspired by a Vice News article from 2015 which claimed Jesus Christ had been a homosexual man and wanted to see if such speech was allowed when referring to other religions in the UK.

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Lauren Southern in discussion with Tommy Robinson


South Africa facing White Genocide while the World looks the other way

‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’

South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

 White South African farmers to be removed from their land after parliament vote 
  • The motion for ‘expropriation without compensation’ passed by a landslide
  • It was brought about by Julius Malema who said white farmers are ‘criminals’ 
By Ben Hill For Mailonline and Afp PUBLISHED: 28 February 2018 | UPDATED: 1 March 2018

For Full Daily Mail article click here

White South African farmers will be removed from their land after a landslide vote in parliament. The country’s constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation, following a motion brought by radical Marxist opposition leader Julius Malema. It passed by 241 votes for to 83 against after a vote on Tuesday, and the policy was a key factor in new president Cyril Ramaphosa’s platform after he took over from Jacob Zuma in February. Mr Malema said the time for ‘reconciliation is over’. ‘Now is the time for justice,’ News24 reported. ‘We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.’ COMMENT: This is a nonsense comment that is based on a deliberate misunderstanding of history. According to missionary records much of the land was not occupied. The arrival of white settlers, which goes back before the discovery of America, revolutionized farming. The technology and culture introduced provided more reliable food sources and much improved medical and hygiene facilities. Some tribes in the region engaged in war with each other and allegedly carried out genocidal acts against the vanquished. The black population has burgeoned like never before. [gallery ids="902,903" type="rectangular"] White South African farmers will be removed from their land after a landslide vote in parliament. The country’s constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation. [caption id="attachment_904" align="aligncenter" width="634"]49A6456600000578-5443599-image-a-3_1519795146690 A 2017 government audit found white people owned 72 per cent of farmland[/caption] COMMENT: Confiscation of land is one that has been repeated many times under communist regimes and usually ends in disaster as the new occupiers lack the expertise to generate sufficient food to sustain a population. Cape Town has suffered water shortages since under the Zumar regime the adopted a policy where a workforce was apportioned by race. As it meant that 8% of the population were while then only 8% of water engineers could be white. That meant that most engineers lacked sufficient expertise to do the job. Rural affairs minister for the ruling African National Congress party said ‘The ANC unequivocally supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation’. Mr Malema has a long-standing commitment to land confiscation without compensation. In 2016 he told his supporters he was ‘not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’. COMMENT: This is an implicit threat of genocide and follows on from very violent attacks being carried out on white farmers. ‘There is no doubt about it, land shall be expropriated without compensation.’ Freedom Front Plus party leader Pieter Groenewald said the decision to strip white farmers of their land would cause ‘unforeseen consequences that is not in the interest of South Africa’.

Daily Mail article By Ben Hill

The deputy chief executive of civil rights group Afriforum said the motion was a violation of agreements made at the end of apartheid. [gallery ids="905,906" type="rectangular"] The deputy chief executive of civil rights group Afriforum said the motion was a violation of agreements made at the end of apartheid. White farmers control 73 percent of arable land compared with 85 percent when apartheid ended in 1994, according to a recent study (South African farmer pictured) 49A6193500000578-5443599-The_country_s_constitution_is_now_likely_to_be_amended_to_allow_-a-1_1519795041535

Comment: Meanwhile the South African Government is giving a green light for the murder and brutalization of white farmers and their families

See this news report:   Farm murders have gone up


Here's How to See the Chinese Space Station's Final Orbits and Fiery Fall

By Joe Rao, Space.com Skywatching Columnist | March 27, 2018

China’s first-ever space laboratory, Tiangong-1, will fall to Earth within the next week and, weather permitting, you may get an opportunity to see it in one of its final trips around our planet. And, if you’re very lucky, you might even get a chance to see it disintegrate into a fiery ball as it streaks across the sky. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dkt6ZBAZX6c   The space lab launched on Sept. 29, 2011, from Jiuquan, China, and was christened Tiangong-1, which means “Heavenly Palace.” A robotic spacecraft, Shenzhou-8, docked with Tiangong-1 in early November 2011, followed by two crewed missions: Shenzhou-9 in June 2012, and Shenzhou-10 in June 2013. Both missions carried three Chinese astronauts and lasted for two weeks. On March 21, 2016, Chinese space agency officials announced that Tiangong-1 had officially ended its service and that the telemetry link with the spacelab had been lost. Shortly thereafter, U.S. satellite observers noticed that it appeared to be in a slow, uncontrolled roll as it circled Earth. It’s been space junk ever since. [China’s Space Station Crash: Everything You Need to Know]   Spacecraft trackers with the Aerospace Corp. predict Tiangong-1 will fall to Earth between early morning March 30 and early morning April 2, with Easter Sunday (April 1) among the likely targets. Tiangong-1 is currently circling Earth about every 88 minutes at an average altitude of 134 miles (215 kilometers) — about half the altitude of the International Space Station — and getting lower each day.  Tiangong-1d Since Tiangong-1 is tumbling, watch for rapid changes in its brightness as it tracks across the sky. You are given the option of getting a schedule for only the visible (pre-sunrise) passes, or all the passes … that also includes those occurring during the daytime; a handy tool to have if you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the re-entry fireball (if it occurs within your viewing range). You should frequently check Heavens Above for an updated sighting schedule; as the space lab gets closer to re-entry, the times of visibility could change noticeably.  As far as pinning down the time and location as to when Tiangong-1 will come down, this page at Satflare.com collects and compares different re-entry predictions with orbital figures and re-entry ground bands. Data will be updated many times a day.  Finally, to see the latest ground track of Tiangong-1 and where it is at a given moment, you can visit N2YO.com here

When and where will Tiangong-1 actually fall? 

As of this writing, the best predictions target Easter Sunday (April 1), plus or minus two days.  Tiangong-1bc Part of this uncertainty stems from the fact that a very small error in the calculated height of the space lab at a given time can lead to a large error in the expected time and place of re-entry. Being large in cross-sectional area, at 34 feet in length and 11 feet in diameter (10.4 by 3.4 meters), but relatively small in mass, at 9.4 tons (8.5 metric tons), Tiangong-1 is sensitive to solar radiation pressure. [Tiangong-1: China’s Falling Space Station in Pictures] Moreover, the vertical extent of the atmosphere is affected by relatively small changes in solar activity, which cannot be precisely predicted. For example, the increased ultraviolet radiation associated with a solar flare heats the upper atmosphere, causing it to expand. This increases the drag on Tiangong-1.   As to where the space lab will make its final plunge, that, too, is a mystery.  

Read More at Space.com


Islam – Nazi Link

Malaysian man in Hyde Park decries the foolishness of open borders and warns of the authoritarian nature of Islam. He draws attention to the historic link between Nazism and Islam [wpvideo UeQzIAAw]  


The rise in antisemitism in the UK and across Europe is no surprise. Could there be a connection between the spread and growth of Islam and the increase in anti- Jewish aggression?

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Bread and Circuses

While resistance and counter-resistance grapples for the future of the UK, most people just meander around and shop.    [wpvideo 0UJ2zzaH]     [contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Website” type=”url” /][contact-field label=”Comment” type=”textarea” required=”1″ /][/contact-form]]]>

How high is air pollution in your city and how does it compare to the most polluted cities in the world?



Over 28,000 people die from air pollution in the UK every year Credit: Matt Dunham/AP

Air Pollution Invisible Killer Air pollution_Pie chart_Sources Tetovo in Macedonia was the most polluted European city in the database, followed by Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most polluted city in the UK isn’t actually London. Glasgow topped that list, followed by Scunthorpe and Leeds with London in sixth place. By Ashley Kirk and Patrick Scott , Data Journalists    8 November 2017 Pollution is a greater global threat than Ebola and HIV, according to warnings by the World Health Organisation. According to its recent report, one in four deaths among children aged under five are now due to environmental hazards such as air pollution and contaminated water. Air Pollution Air Poll World Cities Top 12 WHO guidelines state that cities should aim to have an annual average of no more than 10 micrograms of PM2.5 (very fine particulate matter) for every cubic metre of air. London had an annual PM2.5 average of 15 μg/min 2013, far lower than Beijing’s average of 85.2 μg/m3. These particles are very small in diameter and are classed as carcinogenic by leading health organisations. Thousands of deaths a year are attributable to air pollution in the UK. Air UK Cities Previously this year, air pollution levels in London were worse than those in Beijing for a brief period – with the UK capital’s pollutants frequently breaking UK limits. Now, the UK Government plans to tackle such dangers by banning diesel and petrol cars by 2040. But how bad is air pollution in other areas of the UK? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), London is just a mid-table city when it comes to the international league table of polluted places. London only ranked 1,389th out of the nearly 3,000 cities and towns around the world monitored in the WHO’s database of annual air pollution readings. Air Poll Portsmouth UK.jpg    ]]>

Dr. Jordan Peterson v Cathy Newman

Podcast and more This podcast will first air the original interview and then the interview of Dr. Peterson by Geenstijl that was an analysis of the interview followed with an elaboration on what they think are the five strongest points of Dr. Peterson’s philosophy on “how to be in the world”.

  1. The centrality of the archetypical hero’s myth
  2. The central role of the Logos during the hero’s narrative
  3. Making the right sacrifices when bargaining with the future
  4. Orienting yourself towards the highest possible good you can conceive
  5. Minimise your persona, cultivate your essence, and live in its closest possible proximity
For more on Dr. Jordan Peterson: His Book: 12 RULES FOR LIFE: AN ANTIDOTE TO CHAOS now available and discounted at: Other Links ]]>

NOAA Caught Adjusting Big Freeze out of Existence

by JAMES DELINGPOLE 20 Feb 2018 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has yet again been caught exaggerating ‘global warming’ by fiddling with the raw temperature data. This time, that data concerns the recent record-breaking cold across the north-eastern U.S. which NOAA is trying to erase from history. If you believe NOAA’s charts, there was nothing particularly unusual about this winter’s cold weather which caused sharks to freeze in the ocean and iguanas to drop out of trees. Here is NOAA’s January 2018 chart for Northeast U.S. – an area which includes New England along with NY, PA, NJ, DE and MD. North East US Temps You’d never guess from it that those regions had just experienced record-breaking cold, would you? That’s because, as Paul Homewood has discovered, NOAA has been cooking the books. Yet again – presumably for reasons more to do with ideology than meteorology – NOAA has adjusted past temperatures to look colder than they were and recent temperatures to look warmer than they were. We’re not talking fractions of a degree, here. The adjustments amount to a whopping 3.1 degrees F. This takes us well beyond the regions of error margins or innocent mistakes and deep into the realm of fiction and political propaganda. Homewood first smelt a rat when he examined the New York data sets. He was particularly puzzled at NOAA’s treatment of the especially cold winter that ravaged New York in 2013/14, which he describes here: The cold weather really began on Jan 2nd, when an Arctic front descended across much of the country, and extended well into March. The NWS wrote at the end of the winter: The winter of 2013-14 finished as one of the coldest winters in recent memory for New York State.  Snowfall across Western and North Central New York was above normal for many areas, and in some locations well above normal. This winter comes on the heels of two previous mild winters, making the cold and snow this winter feel that much harsher. Temperatures this winter finished below normal every month, and the January through March timeframe finished at least 4 degrees below normal for the two primary climate stations of Western New York (Buffalo and Rochester)….. Relentless cold continued through the month of January across the region. So why, he wondered, did NOAA have this marked down as only the 30th coldest winter (since 1895) on its New York State charts, with a mean temperature of 16.9F? Homewood compared the local records for January 1943 and January 2014 – months which, according to NOAA’s charts, had very similar average temperatures. What he found was that NOAA’s charts were deeply inaccurate. The 2014 local temperatures had been adjusted upwards by NOAA and the 1943 local temperatures downwards. Mean Temps On average the mean temperatures in Jan 2014 were 2.7F less than in 1943. Yet, according to NOAA, the difference was only 0.9F. Somehow, NOAA has adjusted past temperatures down, relatively, by 1.8F. Now, Homewood has given the same treatment to the most recent Big Freeze – the winter of 2017/2018. Yet again, he has found that NOAA’s arbitrary adjustments tell a lie. They claim that January 2018 was warmer in the New York region than January 1943, when the raw data from local stations tells us this just isn’t true. So at the three sites of Ithaca, Auburn and Geneva, we find that January 2018 was colder than January 1943 by 1.0, 1.7 and 1.3F respectively. Yet NOAA say that the division was 2.1F warmer last month. NOAA’s figure makes last month at least 3.1F warmer in comparison with 1943 than the actual station data warrants.

He concludes:

Clearly NOAA’s highly homogenised and adjusted version of the Central Lakes temperature record bears no resemblance at all the actual station data. And if this one division is so badly in error, what confidence can there be that the rest of the US is any better? Well indeed. The key point here is that while NOAA frequently makes these adjustments to the raw data, it has never offered a convincing explanation as to why they are necessary. Nor yet, how exactly their adjusted data provides a more accurate version of the truth than the original data. One excuse NOAA’s apologists make is that weather stations are subject to changing environmental conditions. For example, when the station sited at Syracuse in 1929 was located at what was originally just a sparse aerodrome. Since then, however, as Homewood notes, it has grown into a large international airport with two runways servicing two million passengers a year. Its weather station readings therefore will certainly have been corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect: that is, its temperature readings will have been artificially elevated by the warmth from the surrounding development and aircraft engines. So you’d think, wouldn’t you, that to compensate for this NOAA would adjust the recent temperatures downwardsInstead, for no obvious reasons, it has adjusted them upwards. This is a scandal. NOAA’s climate gatekeepers are political activists not honest scientists and the U.S. taxpayer has no business funding their propaganda.

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Personal Comment

Whatever the pros and cons for or against climate change. I have found it disturbing how many of those in favour of the man-made climate change argument tend to be so authoritarian and vindictive towards those who hold a different opinion. The vitriol detracts from their case as it seems more about forcing you to comply than persuading through reason and logic. It begs the questions: Why are you so determined to make me comply? What is your ulterior motive?]]>