Most Corrupt UK Government

Tommy Robinson is charged for causing anxiety to a convicted paedophile by talking to him while outside Leeds Crown Court. This paedophile is Muslim, along with several other of his male friends who engaged in systematic rape of white underage girls on an industrial scale.

This UK Government has got to be the most corrupt of its kind in modern times.

Tommy Robinson

The UK Government has been colluding with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to remove Tommy Robinson from all platforms of communication with the public. They held on to this intention for a retrial for contempt of court for 5 months. This delay is more than a little ironic as it coincides with Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) campaign to be elected to the European Union Parliament.

The UK’s legal puppets have now scheduled his full trial to 4th June which should be the day he enters the parliament and gets sworn in as a Member.

His charge is that he caused anxiety to a convicted paedophile by talking to him while outside Leeds Crown Court. This paedophile is Muslim, along with several other of his male friends who engaged in systematic rape of white underage girls on an industrial scale. These disgusting crimes went on for many years and neither the police nor the local authorities did anything to intervene.

Notably, the local authority was Labour controlled and, it took many years before the media ever reported on these atrocities. By the time it got a mention, the number of victims had run into several thousands and some of these cases involved murder and forced slavery too.

It should also be pointed out that Sikh girls had also been targeted by Muslim paedophiles, so when people took to the streets, Sikhs were very supportive.

Old Bailey

Malpractice List (to be completed)

For starters, this list is not exhaustive so see if you can add more of your own.

  1. Highly censorious – working with media and big tech to curtail freedom of speech.
  2. Malicious prosecutions of targeted individuals e.g. Tommy Robinson and Count Dankula, plus many thousands of ordinary citizens who say the wrong things, such as miss gendering someone.
  3. Ignoring legal process – Tommy Robinson arrested convicted and sentenced in hours without a proper defence or a trial.
  4. Illegal detention of Julian Assange
  5. Engaging in nefarious activities to interfere with the 2016 US Presidential elections.

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Working Class Hero, Tommy Robinson ATTACKED on campaign trail

The elites know what is going on. The police know what is going on. They are totally freaked out cowards and refuse to uphold the law when Muslims and Lefties are the aggressors.

Tommy Robinson is running to try to be elected as an Member of the European Parliament for the North West region of England. While the mass of people are very welcoming of him, there is a violent minority that literally hate him.

Selective Justice is no justice at all.

Most people see and treat Tommy Robinson for what and who he is – a very brave working class man trying to tell the truth, but the first part of this video shows how corrupt and wicked some people have become. It is truly sickening to see.

The elites know what is going on. The police know what is going on. They are totally freaked out cowards and refuse to uphold the law when Muslims and Lefties are the aggressors. If you are not one of them (which Tommy is not) then you are lower than an insect and it’s okay for violence to be visited upon you and anyone who likes you. Britain USED to be Great, but it is no more. 

Tommy Robinson – The Last British Lion

Cultural Annihilation of France

Thousands of Christians are being murdered each year making it the most persecuted religion. There is a war going on against Christianity, but western Governments say nothing. The Pope and his cardinals keep their mouths shut and let their followers suffer alone and without a voice.

875 churches in France have been targeted in the last year alone.

French journalist Maxime Lepante warns that France’s history is “in the process of burning down” as a result of two churches being vandalized every day and that political and religious leaders don’t “give a f*ck.”

Lepante highlighted recently released statistics that show there were 1062 anti-Christian acts in 2018, compared to just 100 anti-Muslim acts. Throughout 2018, no less than 875 churches in France were targeted.

“Two churches were vandalized per day,” said Lepante, adding, “This government, this regime….including the Pope, including the cardinals, shut their mouth, say nothing when our churches are being vandalized, and in contrast, the minute there is a mosque that has a pot of pork sausage in front of it, there’s immediately arrest and prison for the person who did it….apologies from the whole of France, the stigmatization of racism and so on, it’s an absolutely unbearable double standard!”

Lepante then pointed out that the Notre Dame cathedral was vandalized a few years ago by feminist protesters who sprayed urine everywhere and that the left’s response was to laugh while the perpetrators were acquitted.

The journalist then cited the story of how a Pakistani migrant who had only been in the country two months caused “extensive damage” to the Basilica of Saint-Denis in Paris.

“I would like to remind you that in the week March 12th-19th, twelve French churches were vandalized,” said Lepante, before citing several examples of how leading leftist figures in France have openly called for the destruction of Paris’ historical buildings and monuments and how political leaders don’t “give a f*ck” about the situation.

“The situation is grave, the situation is scandalous, it’s the pride of our history that is in the process of burning down,” said Lepante.

Meanwhile, the hatred is expressed by the Muslim world and the Far Left. Here are a few examples:

Turkish Newspaper Celebrates Notre Dame Fire as Retribution For France’s Recognition of Armenian Genocide

“The famous cathedral of France up in flames. The curse of Turkey is fulfilled,” read the headline.

The Armenian Genocide, which began in April 1915, led to the systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman government.

Chimes Comment:

So Genocide is okay according to these people? I should point out that since the creation of Islam 270 million Kafirs (i.e. non-Muslims) have been butchered and this is acceptable under Islamic law. That is why we should fear and resist Islamification of our societies and people need to wake up to what Islam means. It is the religion of submission.

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French Student Leader:

“I Swear to Allah We Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass” About Notre Dame… I don’t give a damn about the history of France”.

Swedish leftist journalist Alex Schulman reacted to the Notre Dame fire with the word “finally,” alongside a series of crying with laughter emojis.

Schulman writes for Expressen, a liberal daily newspaper in Sweden. Ironically, he previously wrote a piece mourning the loss of dignity and decency in how people treat each other.

Elitist Architects Want Notre Dame Rebuilt to Reflect New Globalist France

“Its burning feels like an act of liberation”.

Salisbury Poisoning Review

British Government accused Russia of attempted murder and announced a series of punitive measures against Russia, including the expulsion of diplomats. 28 other countries responded in support of the UK and 153 Russian diplomats were expelled.

Dawn Sturgess died 8th July 2018 aged 44

According to official UK sources and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), on 4 March 2018, Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military officer and double agent for the UK’s intelligence services, and his daughter Yulia Skripal were poisoned in Salisbury, England, with a Novichok nerve agent known as A-234.

Prime Minister Theresa May visits Salisbury

The two remained in hospital in a critical condition, with Yulia regaining consciousness after 3 weeks and her father, a month after that. A police officer was also taken into intensive care after being contaminated when he went to Sergei Skripal’s house.

Salisbury Clean Up Operation
Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov

On 12th March 2018 the British Government accused Russia of attempted murder and announced a series of punitive measures against Russia, including the expulsion of diplomats. 28 other countries responded in support of the UK and 153 Russian diplomats were expelled. Scotland Yard said they believed a two-man hit squad, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, was behind the Salisbury attack in which the door handle of Skripal’s home was smeared with the powerful nerve agent which was kept in a perfume bottle.

Russia denied the accusations and responded similarly to the expulsions and “accused Britain of the poisoning.” t

The suspects were caught on CCTV in Salisbury at 11.58am on Sunday March 4, “moments before the attack”, police said.

It is understood Petrov and Boshirov stayed in the City Stay Hotel in Bow, East London, during their time in the UK.

The pair are thought to have left the UK the morning after the attack.  
Police searched the hotel room of where the two Russian agents had stayed on 4th May 2018 and found minute traces of Novichok.

The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service said there was enough evidence to charge them with conspiracy to murder.

Perfume Bottle containing Novichok
Alleged Russian agents in Salisbury

On 30 June 2018 a similar poisoning of two British nationals in Amesbury seven miles from Salisbury, involved the same nerve agent. Charlie Rowley found the nerve agent in a perfume bottle and gave it to his girlfriend, Dawn Sturgess, who then subsequently sprayed it on.

Within 15 mins, she was taken ill and died in hospital on 8 July 2018, but Mr. Rowley, who had also come in contact with the poison survived.British police believe this incident was not a targeted attack, but a result of the way the nerve agent was disposed of after the poisoning in Salisbury.

Dawn Sturgess was aged 44 and left behind aggrieved family and friends.

Novichok agent

Novichok is a series of nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union and Russia between 1971 and 1993. Russian scientists who developed the agents claim they are the deadliest nerve agents ever made, with some variants possibly five to eight times more potent than VX, and others up to ten times more potent than soman.

Bulgaria Is Going Very Bad and the West Isn’t Noticing

Brutal Journalist Murder of Viktoria Marinova has drawn global attention

Bulgaria doesn’t stand out much against the backdrop of all other major international worries for the West but its situation warrants closer attention in order to avoid potential trouble down the road.

By Ivan Dikov with edits by James Williams

[caption id="attachment_46251" align="alignleft" width="300"] Vigil to Mourn her death[/caption]             The brutal murder of journalist Viktoria Marinova as she was jogging along the Danube one sunny day in the fall of 2018 recently focused global attention on Bulgaria. Marinova’s murder occurred right after as a regional TV station head and host she aired a report on a large-scale corruption case involving EU funds. As with other inconvenient stories for Bulgaria’s ruling oligarchy, the case has been ignored by the country’s mainstream media. Following the arrest of a suspect in Germany and their repatriation, Bulgaria’s leadership eagerly declared the horrific murder a “regular” criminal offence. It was not a contract killing of an inconvenient journalist, if you can believe it. Whatever the case, Marinova’s murder once again put Bulgaria in the international spotlight as “the poorest and most corrupt” EU member state.

Bulgaria is going very bad

[caption id="attachment_46252" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bulgaria on the Map[/caption]           Those labels aren’t untrue but the reality is much more gruesome. Bulgaria is going very bad, and nobody in the rest of the West seems to be noticing. Despite the tirelessness of its leadership, Bulgaria hasn’t been able to top the concerns list of the European Union and the United States. This is probably due to the many worse for the West all occurring all over the world map. The grave failure of Bulgaria’s principal allies and partners to notice its troubles, however, may cause serious trouble for the entire West further down the road. The Balkan country’s geopolitical position lends it greater importance than its own potential does. Brussels, Washington, and Berlin simply aren’t justified in taking Bulgaria’s Western belonging for granted. Apart from the worsening international environment, there are two main reasons Bulgaria’s deteriorating domestic situation remains largely unnoticed by the EU and the US. First, Bulgaria’s economy has been growing by nearly 4% per year since 2015, coupled with macroeconomic stability in its state finances. For the first time, in 2018 Bulgaria’s GDP surpassed the benchmark of BGN 100 billion (EUR 50 billion or USD 56 billion). That is not as impressive as it appears since it is only 0.3% of the EU’s total GDP. However, without the oligarchy’s abuses Bulgaria’s growth could easily have doubled. Second, the oligarchy-dominated regime in Sofia is docile within the EU. It goes along with the desires of Berlin provided there is no challenge to the high-level corruption and embezzlement. That differentiates Bulgaria from other former communist Eastern European EU member states who stir major trouble for Brussels. In Hungary and Poland, Orban and Kaczynski have styled themselves as global pioneers of the “illiberal democratic order”. The Borisov regime in Sofia has had no such ideological ambitions, and finds those of Budapest and Warsaw perplexing. Its main concern has been preserving and expanding the status and wealth of the post-communist oligarchy against the backdrop of Bulgaria’s EU membership. In international politics the regime kowtows to Brussels, Washington, Moscow, Ankara, and Berlin while seeking to steer clear of hard choices among them.


[caption id="attachment_46255" align="alignleft" width="126"] James Williams[/caption] It seems to be par-for-the-course when it comes to corruption. Wherever you look, corruption and villainy is the norm. The bigger the stakes, the more prevalent it is.  The ordinary citizen exists to be screwed over and is expected to vote in these crooks each time, if they are given a vote at all. It is not simply about Free Market vs Socialism. It is a question of hierarchies and the religion of entitlement that convinces people in power to hold on to their privilege and entitlements as their divine right. When you see the tens of millions of dollars that go to funding the political campaigns in the US, you can see how lying, cheating, murder and impoverishment of whole communities is the fall out for evil to maintain control. Psychopaths use our empathy against us. Images of suffering children are a favourite for getting us to hand over cash and votes. FOR FULL EUROPEAN VIEWS ARTICLE CLICK HERE]]>

Zulu Nation joins White Farmers to fight SA Government Land Seizures

Seizing Land will create Food Shortages The king of the largest ethnic group in South Africa, Zulu, has spoken out against the expropriation of land without compensation in the country. He has declared that he is ready to cooperate with the country’s white farmers, otherwise known as Afrikaners or Boers. Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has said the group will cooperate with South African minority rights group AfriForum. “The Zulu nation I’m talking about will not exist if we don’t have food. That’s why I say farmers must come closer so that we discuss what we can do when we talk about agriculture and the availability of enough food in the land. That’s why I’m asking AfriForum of the Boers to come and help us,” Zwelithini said (Ref: eNews Channel Africa)“…Because when government started talking about the appropriation of land, expropriation without compensation, Boers downed tools. There is no food in South Africa.” The Zulu people, with an estimated 10-12 million population live mainly in KwaZulu-Natal province. They make up over a fifth of the South African population and thus carry significant influence in general elections. The next one is due in 2019. “Anyone who wants to be voted for and elected by us, I’m going to talk now, anyone who wants to be elected by us must come and kneel here and commit that I will never touch your land,” King Goodwill Zwelithini said.

Power of the King

Kings have no official power in modern South Africa, but retain the loyalty of millions of people and are recognized in the constitution as traditional leaders. The land expropriation program run by President Cyril Ramaphosa is designed to redistribute land to poor black people to tackle severe inequality 24 years after the end of apartheid. It mostly involves lands owned by Boers, whites primarily of Dutch descent whose ancestors have been on the land since the 17th Century. However, the policy has created discontent among the Zulus as such action will inevitably undermine food production which many Zulus are dependent on. The Zulu King has said that he is waiting for a meeting with the president. “He (Ramaphosa) must come here… and say it, write it down in an agreement and sign off that the land of the Zulus will not be touched.”

South Africa Social Problems

South Africa has significant problems politically, socially and economically. White farmers provide employment for black people living in rural communities. The South African unemployment rate stands at 24% and many accuse foreign nationals of taking jobs from locals. Official data suggests there are about two million foreign nationals in South Africa, but some estimates put the number much higher and violent attacks are becoming commonplace. [caption id="attachment_46222" align="alignleft" width="300"] Kyle Stols shot by 4 assailants in Oct 2017[/caption] In 2016/17, the police recorded a total of 19,016 murders. The statistics for 2017/18 show it has increased to 20,336 murders. The murder rate increased from 34.1 per 100,000 people to 35.8. In 2017/18 an average of 56 people being murdered every day. Among children, the number given was 691for boys and 294 for girls at.    

OpEd by James Williams

No one stole the lands from the black tribes anymore than settlers in Europe can claim theft from any other. The white farmers have been there since the 1600s and white people brought prosperity with them . There are something in the region of 3,000 black tribes in Africa. Just like the whites and Europeans, they can look different, act differently and have different customs. As with other situations with human tribes, some will get on and some will not. Black tribes would war with each other just like Europeans. It is a nonsense claim that whites came, conquered and enslaved. According to available data the tribes were nomadic and tended not to farm. The population of black people today is considerably larger than the 1600s. This is largely due to whites bringing more modern methods and innovations that made fallow ground fertile. Whites brought trade, education, medicine and hygiene, plus clean drinking water. Until then many pregnant women lost their babies early due to disease and poor hygiene. There is a reason the British were accepted. They did not use force to exact control. They brought considerable benefit and prestige to many beyond their own tribe. Unfortunately, as with other places, the lies, deception and division that is being sown among many populations comes from pro-socialist education that sees any economic inequalities as due to theft rather than the fruits of hard work, personal sacrifice and the evolution of hierarchies through the natural progression of human systems. The land grab has been done before. It is very Marxian. Lenin did it in the Soviet Union and it has been repeated wherever Communism takes hold. Each time it leads to famine, brutal oppression and the death of millions. PLEASE SUPPORT CHIMES MEDIA B BUYING OR DONATING: [simple-payment id=”741″]]]>