I was passing through Parliament Square, across the road from the Houses of Parliament and I discovered a group of black African people gathering Some of them had flags and on the flags was the name “Ambazonia”. As a journalist I took pictures.                     Less than an hour after that, I came across them again. Many were strewn across Whitehall outside of Downing Street and stopping traffic.

Please watch the video.

The New State of Ambazonia

The new name, Ambazonia, is derived from the name of the bay on their coastline, Ambas Bay and has also been referred to as being Amba Land. It is situated in the South West of Cameroon and is mainly English speaking as was the North of the country which became a part of Nigeria in 1961.           Ambazonia or South Cameroons declared independence from Cameroon (West Africa) in September 2017. It followed escalating unrest that culminated in the main Cameroon government carrying out a series of brutal attacks that have been described as genocidal in nature. President Paul Biya has been president since 1982. That is 37 years. He would have to know what was going on, so he cannot wash his hands of the crimes being committed against these people. In fact, some of his language has led Cameroons to fear being ethnically cleansed. There have been videos, pictures and reports produced to support the claims. These included indiscriminate killing, wholesale burning of villages, rapes and humiliating acts. A petition by South Cameroons was presented to the United Nations and provided details of police raping students at a university.

Cause of the Divide

                    The South Cameroons are English-speaking citizens of South Cameroons while the rest of Cameroon is French speaking and this is the crux of the matter. The English citizens feel strongly, and not without justification, that they are being treated as second class citizens. From being blatantly penalized in the education system for being English speaking, things have degenerated into barbaric attacks. People have had their homes torched and their young people murdered. Like a lot of third world states, Cameroon has been in receipt of large amounts of Foreign Aid from the United Nations. That seems to have stopped. Only to be replaced by support from France.

Like a number of places in West Africa, Cameroon has suffered vicious attacks by the dreaded Boko Haram, an extremist Islamic group renowned for their violent attacks, especially against children. While they kidnap girls, boys suffer machete attacks and being burned alive. To combat this, Cameroon has developed its own special forces unit, presumably receiving specialist training from the French military. The Cameroon special forces have quickly gained a reputation for being just as brutal as Boko Haram. The French authorities are allegedly taking the lead in resolving the issue in South Cameroons. How they are doing that is uncertain. The British role in the matter is to “Monitor the situation.”

Meanwhile, ten leaders of the Ambazonia separatist movement were arrested whilst in exile in Nigeria a year ago. They have been facing a Yaounde military tribunal, but have refused to identify as Cameroons. Instead there have been calls for them to be returned to the sanctuary of Nigeria.

In writing this article, there are big gaps in the available information, so this is pieced together from what I have found so far.


Iran – The Cry for Democracy

NCRI – Resistance Against Tyranny On a chance encounter, I was in London on 5th January 2019 and came across a peaceful demonstration by the NCRI in Whitehall across the road from Downing Street. I don’t often go to London, but when I do go, there is usually something of interest and peculiarity to see. Demonstrations in this location are quite common and take place for all sorts of reasons, but this group seem to have a moral edge to it. NCRI stands for the National Council of Resistance of Iran and basically want the establishment of democracy to replace the corrupt and tyrannous rule of the Islamic despots. that currently reign there. According to their explanatory leaflet, they are formed from a broad coalition of democratic organizations, groups and personalities that were founded in Tehran in 1981 by Massoud Rajavi. They make up the Iranian Resistance in opposition to the theocratic dictatorship in Iran.  They boast to having about 500 members and act as a parliament in exile who believe in a secular republic i.e. the separation of Church and State. Maryam Rajavi is their elected leader and is regarded as Iran’s President-Elect. It cannot be ignored that US economic sanctions are having a detrimental effect on the Iranian economy, but for those who are able to look at things without Trump derangement syndrome clouding their judgement, the US administration were quite right to stop paying ‘financial tribute’ to a regime as malevolent as the Mullah’s tyranny. Hundreds have died through the despotic acts of the tyrannical clerics of Iran. Among those that have been slain, Maryam Rajavi has lost two sisters to conflict. The first was executed under the Shah’s rule in the 1970s and the second died under torture while eight months pregnant in 1982. Maryam’s husband, Massoud Izadkhah, was also executed along with many others due to the brutal purge of dissidents by the Ayatollah Khomeini. She escaped to France in 1982 or would have probably followed her husband to the grave.   I will place the pages of their brochure here and the video will follow. However, I feel I should highlight the serious and dangerous life the NCRI’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, has had. Should the Mullahs fall and democracy is established in Iran, there is every prospect that she will be the interim president for a transitional period.

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The NCRI Story

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Human Touch

Importance of Touch

If there is one thing that I have noticed in my brief passage through time on planet Earth and that is the importance of human contact, particularly in the young and vulnerable. The warmth and feel of another human being provides a sense of protection, comfort and assurance, but also offers mutuality and purpose.
Any form of human physical contact is a form of touching. It can range from holding hands to hugging and kissing. As with any human interaction the context of an encounter is important. Intimate sexual activity is not the same as patting someone on the back.

Chimes Media video: Human Touch

The Chimes Media “Human Touch” video focuses on how vulnerable children clamour for human contact. The original photos shown are of children in a Vietnamese orphanage. The narrative comments on the sad abandonment of babies highlighting how children hunger for attention from anyone who will give it to them. This is not a choice that they make. It is biologically driven.
[videopress FAqhLBFl]

Touch for Young Children


The importance of touch cannot be overstated. Many actions of touch tend to be spontaneous and do not demand anything verbal to make it happen.
Touch is a vital stimulus. It greatly helps with the development of brains and social skills as well as helping children to bond.
Touch enables physical growth and its absence can prove fatal especially for babies and small children. Tragically, it has been found (because this has actually happened) that babies that are never touched simply stop growing and die. Those babies are not voluntarily giving up on life. Their physiological design shuts them down.

This little boy was found in a toilet. His umbilical chord saved him from being flushed.

Touch For All

From the outset, it is a usual practice for newborns to be placed on top of their mother’s stomach or to be cradled n the arms of carers.
Physical contact boosts the immune system and can lower blood pressure. Consequently, it reduces diseases especially those associated with the heart and blood. One study on women found that receiving more hugs from their partners led to lower heart rates and lower blood pressure and, of course, it produces similar benefits for men too.
Heart-to-heart hugs can feel satisfying and invoke the release of oxytocin even when hugging a friend, family member, or pet.

Touch and Play-fighting

Father & Son Play Fight

Touch is positive for animals as well. Rabbits that are given physical contact and affection have been found to have 60% less chance of developing coronary problems. Other mammals are not as dissimilar to humans as we might think. For example, rats, as with most other mammals, have been found to be quite social animals that engage in play fighting.
Children exposed to play fighting learn to control their physical strength and measure its application according to different situations. They will usually grow up to be healthy, more fulfilled and happier individuals.

Unnatural Touch

Generally, both parties get something out of touching provided it is natural, wanted and not forced.
There is a distinction between touching that is harmful and that which is beneficial. It would not be right for a twenty year old to cling to its mother in the same way as a two year old would. Likewise, there would be something wrong if a toddler decided to give intimate kisses to an adult. That would suggest the child had been subject to sexual abuse training (as when children are placed under the control of paedophiles).

Tyranny of Ideology

Feminism = True Hate

Unfortunately, one of the scourges of our time, which is arguably the most abusive and pernicious aspects of human behaviour, is the pathology of Political Correctness aka Cultural Marxism. This way of thinking tends to ditch context and instead embraces the notion that all forms of touching are abuse.
Touch is interpreted as a mechanism by which one person seeks to exert power and control over another. It re-interprets mutuality and non-verbal interaction into being a malevolent act regardless of the reality. The more egregious proponents of this way of thinking will insist that human interaction become subject to the absurdity of formalities and demand legal contracts. Virtually every aspect of human behaviour should be approved. Spontaneity is taboo. Love is a social construct and touching is a tool of control. Affection becomes a cue for exploitation by one person over another and is just one more method of how one group maintains its power over another.
This intrusive malevolence is a stark example of totalitarian tyranny that seeks to intimately govern what we say or even what we look at.
One branch of Marxism are the radical feminists who are infamous for frothing at the mouth and proclaiming that society is controlled by the Patriarchy under which women are universally controlled. They are quick to suppress any gathering of men who meet to discuss the myriad of very real problems males face such as high suicide rates, boys failing academically or paternity rights.
Indeed, the PC Gestapo (social justice warriors) are the ultimate killjoys and winey wingers when it comes to monitoring males in case they should use their ‘male gaze’ to mind rape helpless feminists or deny seating on a train by man-spreading their legs to improve their comfort. It is not just that their assumptions are grossly prejudicial and hate-filled, but that they employ methods that are pathological. Their choice of using any means necessary to exact political control over the personal means that lying, cheating, bullying and violence are all legitimate tactics to busy-body their way into people’s lives. The affects of their actions, result in dead relationships; dead emotions and dead people.

Families Together Make Happier Children

Protect the Right of Human Touch

It is long overdue that we stand together against these delusional and authoritarian bigots that are all-too-ready to slam any form of contact as being abusive and oppressive. They refuse to recognize what a treasure human contact is and how it is common to millions of other animals as well as humans. It is not a part of some imagined oppression or tyranny. The true tyrants are those who want to eliminate it and, if they succeed it will destroy something that is very precious and human.

James A. Williams

There are any number of references available, but these are just some used in writing this article:
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Gosport War Memorial Hospital Multiple Killings

Dr. Jane Barton, alias Dr. Opiate[/caption]

As many as 656 patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital are believed to have died from the inappropriate dosing of opiates whilst under the care of Dr Jane Barton in the 1980s and 1990s.

The records of 2,000 patients who had died between 1987 and 2001 have been searched.

A report produced by the Gosport Independent Panel led by Bishop James Jones and published on 20th June 2018 concluded that there had been a “disregard for human life” and a “culture of shortening the lives” at the Hospital. Their inquiry had unearthed an astonishing catalogue of failure, arrogance and indifference from medical staff, health officials, local politicians and the police. The matter is now undergoing further investigation by Kent Constabulary led by Assistant Chief Constable, Nick Downing. At a Family Forum event held on 16th October 2018 at Ferneham Hall, Fareham, relatives and loved ones of the victims were addressed by key individuals involved in further investigation of the evidence.  

There were that there were 140,000 documents and over a million pages to consider and that alone would take 6 months to go through.

[caption id="attachment_46174" align="alignleft" width="223"] Nick Downing, Assistant Chief Constable, Kent Constabulary[/caption] Nick Downing and his team of about 20 staff, in their initial assessment, will be taking a legal standard to consider the possibility of bringing charges of murder, manslaughter, corporate manslaughter, Misconduct in Public Office and Health & Safety Offences.

This is what happened at Gosport War Memorial Hospital

Dr Jane Barton worked at the community hospital in Gosport, Hampshire, between 1988 and 2000. During that period she oversaw the untimely deaths of 656 patients apparently caused by the administering of lethal doses of opiates. This is more than twice the number murdered by Dr Harold Shipman who killed 260 people. As with Harold Shipman, the preferred drug was the painkiller, Diamorphine (medical heroin). In 2009, an inquest into 10 deaths at the hospital found that in five cases the administration of medication “contributed more than minimally”. It found that the skills of non-consultant doctors, particularly Dr Barton, were not adequate. However,  there was no suggestion from the inquest that Barton deliberately took the lives of her patients. She retired that year. The General Medical Council were told that Dr. Barton’s had a “brusque and indifferent” manner, “intransigence and worrying lack of insight” plus a “failure to recognise the limits of her professional competence”. In 2010, they found her guilty over 11 deaths of “multiple instances of serious professional misconduct”. At the time, she had told how she and other medics at the hospital were under “unreasonable” pressure and that she did not want her patients to suffer. She insisted she always acted in their interests. However, no prosecutions were brought. [caption id="attachment_46164" align="alignleft" width="200"] Rt Rev James Jones, Bishop of Winchester holding the Gosport WMH Report[/caption] Following years of dissatisfaction from affected families, the Gosport Independent Panel was set up in 2014, led by Bishop James Jones at a cost of £13 million. Bishop Jones had chaired the Hillsborough inquiry so had proven competence. The Panel reviewed a million pieces of evidence, spoke to families and searched through the records of 2,000 patients who had died at the hospital between 1987 and 2001. They found that about a quarter of these were missing. They noted that Dr. Barton had signed the death certificates of 833 patients and had earned the title, Dr. Opiate. In fact, there were so many deaths in the two wards she ran that they were called ‘the End of the Line’. In spite of the death toll, previous investigations had surprisingly not resulted in any prosecutions. The Panel focused on “unanswered questions” from those earlier investigations and found that 456 patients had their lives shorted after being given deadly doses of painkillers. On 20th June 2018, they published a 370 page report which concluded that there were more than 200 reports missing and as many as 650 people may have died during Dr. Barton’s time at the hospital. There had been an “institutionalised regime” of prescribing and administering opioids without medical justification.     Nursing staff as far back as 1991and 1992 had raised concerns about prescribing diamorphine, but had been ignored. Furthermore, families who had campaigned for 20 years to have their loved ones’ deaths investigated had been “marginalised” by hospital staff when they complained. They had been failed both by the police and medical regulators who did not act or investigate thoroughly. The report was critical of previous investigations into Dr. Barton which had missed the “significant systemic problems”. In summary, the Panel unearthed an astonishing catalogue of failure, arrogance and indifference from medical staff, health officials, local politicians and the police. Part 1   Part 2  

This is a full and unedited recording of what was said at the forum. It is in 2 parts. In the first part are the speeches of panelists and the second part, the challenging questions and statements made by relatives of those who were killed.

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Interview of a For Britain supporter plus a snippet of Anne Marie Waters speaking at a #FreeTommy rally in London.


Many of the people supporting Tommy Robinson are libertarians, not Far Rightist. Standing against the people are the political classes; the legal establishment and the media. Nigel Farage sides with them. He ‘flip-flops’ whenever the subject of Islam arises. He turns into an ‘eel’, slipping and sliding to avoid giving a definitive answer.
The standard of political discourse has declined badly over the past twenty years. Now, it is not enough to disagree with someone else. Civilized discussion is itself becoming a subversive action.
The current Conservative administration has a feminist prime minister and is as left wing as it has ever been. Radical feminism has close associations with Marxist doctrine. If you are not on board with the globalist Leftist agenda then that puts you in the same camp as the vilified Far Right even if you have nothing to do with them.
There seems to be no adequate definition given by the chattering elites to what ‘Far Right’ means. So, I will try to give one here.
Politics is, simply put, the relationship between the individual and the state (or the collective if you want to call it something else). If you are on the Left, you support significant state control over individuals. The extreme of the Left is totalitarianism where the state governs every aspect of your life.
The Right is minimal state and favours individual freedom over state control. It means that the real Far Right are anarchists where there is no state at all. The Nazis (National Socialists) and Fascists are creations of the Far Left. They wanted and used the state to impose their will on the people. For Britain is nowhere near these positions; nor does it aspire to be.
One common feature of those who want to control everything is that of authoritarianism. It is probably why the Left are in love with Islam. Islam and the Far Left are both totalitarian and both use authoritarian methods to enforce their will. Each ‘dreams’ of their own utopia. The Left longs for a class-free society and fully egalitarian-heaven-on-Earth. Islam intends to establish a global caliphate where Allah’s will is supreme.
For Britain are wanting to stop Islamic authoritarianism being established. Islamophobic? A phobia is an irrational fear. It is not irrational to reject a totalitarian and potentially brutal system of social and psychological control. That seems pretty rational. Furthermore, if you object to the severities of what the caliphate is promising to bring through the Sharia, then supporting For Britain is a perfectly rational choice.

James Williams

Helen Dale

Helen Dale – Writer for The Spectator  Helen Dale, known for a time by her pen name Helen Demidenko, is an Australian writer and lawyer. She served as a senior adviser to David Leyonhjelm, a Liberal Democrat member of the Australian Senate, from 2014 through to the election in 2016. In the 13 years of Labour Government (1997-2010) more laws were passed than in over 900 years (1066-1997). The legislation that is being used by the current Conservative Government was brought in by Labour. Section 127 of the Communications Act needs to be repealed.


  [wpvideo m6CpF7aR]]]>


The Bagpipe March for Free Speech   A good natured but passionate demonstration took place Monday 23rd April 2018 to protest about the threat to humour and free speech. This video is filled with inspiring bagpipe music which uplifts the spirit and made it a joy to participate in. About protesters gathered in Leicester Square and marched on Downing Street to melodious bagpipe tunes. There was a friendly liaison with police, but the protesters  conveyed a strength of feeling about the UK political and legal establishment penalizing comedy and attacking those they think have committed hate speech. Many bystanders voiced their support along the route. VIDEO 3 [wpvideo Je6knhIi]


I was the first to arrive at Leicester Square. I got there just before 11am on 23rd April 2018. It was a sunny but with a thin veil of cloudy patches and a chill wind, just to enough to take away the desire to strip and absorb the sun’s rays. Although, these days, I feel the threat of contracting skin cancer has been a sufficient deterrent for some years now. People started to show up from about 1115 onwards and it was a very friendly atmosphere. I heard from a police officer that Mark Meechan (Count Dankula) had been fined £800. Milling among the various gatherings I was struck by the passion that seemed to ooze from the attendees, but it was not mindless passion, but a grouping of people who had thought thing s out and who had decided that our society is under serious threat from radical authoritarians who are intent on turning us all into a passive automatons , fearful to think anything let alone say anything. I overheard one young man, probably not a day over 20 years, tell of how he had suffered abuse from a young woman who made derogatory remarks about his sexual organs after he had turned her down for a date. There were stories abounding of how a young woman had said the ‘wrong thing’ on Twitter and been booted off the platform. I heard word that a regular attendee to Speaker’s Corner, Tam, a Malaysian student had gone to Paris for a filming with Tommy Robinson, but had been refused entry back into the UK. He had had a clash with London Mayor Sadiq Khan a few days earlier. In the event he had had the microphone taken off him by officials and then evicted. There was a lot of friendly exchange with the police attending and not a hint of any trouble. I reckon numbers attending were probably about 500 in number. Perhaps one of the biggest cheers that went up when Karl Benjamin arrived. Karl is perhaps better known by his online pseudonym, Sargon of Akkad. He has many hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide and something of a global star. There was appropriately, as it was a pro-Count Dankula march. a bagpipe player whose very accomplished talents played some classic Scottish melodies that went down well with the whole crowd. At 1300 we began the march from Leicester Square through Trafalgar Square and to Richmond Terrace across the road from Downing Street. I had been provided with a blue T-shirt with the slogans:     [gallery ids="9395,9396" type="rectangular"]   Along the way a number of bystanders took photographed and I was asked by several of them what it was all about. There was a heavy police presence, but throughout relations were cordial and, at times, jovial. There was ton of footage taken. Too much for it all to be processed, but one of the important things is to meet with others and establish links and friendships. At Richmond Terrace several people took into in turns to speak with a handful of nominated ones such as Karl Benjamin being among them and a well spoken reporter from The Spectator who was non-too-pleased with the Conservative Party administration over the whole free speech affair. There will be a selection of clips published here once I have had time to go through the footage. In the aftermath of the march, the organizers, from a group identifying as Liberalists UK, had booked up a session at a floating pub called the Tattershall Castle on the Thames.


VIDEO 2   [wpvideo bVsfVb6G] While Mark Meechan was receiving his sentence in Scotland, a demonstration, organized by Liberalists UK was underway in London. This is the second film on the event by Chimes Media and is about the gathering – Bag pipes, You Tube star Sargon of Akkad and the humour of being silenced. Fun as well as serious. No trouble; no arrests; good relations with the police.

Pre-departure to Free Speech march in London

VIDEO 1   [wpvideo y7i9fhjm]]]>