By Jason A


Jason A produces some high quality and compelling videos. This is just one, but it very much carries religious doomsday theme. Whether its a biblical end of days situation or not that is not for me to direct you.

We have had climate change shoved down our throats for many years and, inevitably people who have followed the narrative will see many of the items shown in this 16 minute long video as evidence of that.  The thing is, climate change goes on all the time. It would not be right in itself if everything remained static. There is a wealth of evidence show that during the Jurassic Period, the Earth’s temperature was 5 degrees hotter than today. What I find irritating is that the con artists try to guilt cash out of us by saying its all our fault that the planet’s climate is changing. It seems that by coughing up loads of money, they have the solution that will save us all.

I have never had a decent explanation from these protagonists to explain to me why the sun, which makes up about 99% of the mass of the solar system plays no part in things.

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In the meantime here are some screen shots of comments that are to be found under this video:End of Times2End of Times3End of Times4

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