It is a time of uncertainty. Censorship is everywhere and free speech is hanging by a thread in many places. People are being physically attacked for wearing the wrong clothes or being perceived to have wrong-think. Evidence and reason are being ignored and dismissed as hate speech. People are being persecuted and arrested for trying to tell the truth and expose the lies. Much of the media are infiltrated with toadies and belch out misleading or plain fake news while feigning self-righteousness and on the horizon the spectre of the gulag lurks from history’s sordid dark times.

Most people feel helpless. They do not know what to do or are afraid to say or do anything. They look for leadership to lead them from the mire of fear and gloom, but to step forward is to risk everything.

Perhaps the most ideal Right Wing leader would be one similar to that proposed by Plato whom he described as a Philosopher Ruler. For me, such a ruler would be intelligent, reliable and knowledgeable with a desire to seek wisdom and understanding. They would also prefer to live a simple life while respecting the need for materialism in order for people to survive and flourish. What do you think?


James Williams



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