To focus on solely on the police and authorities as the ones attacking our freedoms is to miss the multi-vector mode of this attack. It is coming through mass illegal migration. It is coming from attempts to force integration of peoples that are in conflict with each other and who many are diametrically opposed to Western culture, including freedom of speech and expression. It is also coming from the insidious division between groups into multiple definitions of identity where there is always an oppressor group versus an oppressed group.

French Riots

Two French fans die as violence erupts across the country after World Cup win over Croatia. Celebrations turned into widespread rioting, looting and ugly clashes with cops who deployed tear gas to try to control the unrest.

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In South Korea, more than 700,000 people signed a petition calling on the government to expel about 1,000 Yemenis from the island of Jeju who had arrived unexpectedly and then applied for refugee status.

Political prisoner, Tommy Robinson, remains in prison at HMP Onley after three senior judges, including the top judge for England and Wales, Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett, considered his appeal after the draconian arrest and his imprisonment from outside of Leeds Crown Court a few weeks ago. There were many procedural anomalies found in his case including the lack of due process and severity of sentence. The judges were sympathetic to Tommy Robinson’s appeal, but retired to consider it and said they would have a decision by the end of July.

In London, the Metropolitan Police were found to have failed to properly record 100,000 crimes in a year. The report from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) said this included offences involving domestic abuse and violence. The Met Police release a gif simply explaining what they mean by hate speech. It used to be just common assault, now it’s called hate if it is directed against a particular group identity. Hate is an emotional response and thus a subjective reaction to something or someone. You will need a psychologist to determine that you hate. Are the Met Police or any authorities trying to claim they know what you are thinking?

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