The HRC has become the UN’s greatest failure.

From Nikki Haley’s speech:

UN was founded to promote peace and security based on justice, equal rights and the right to self determination, but there are many members whose leaders completely reject that purpose.

Dictators and authoritarian regimes have been allowed to control the agenda.

Human Rights Council is meant to be a place of conscience, but more often has provided cover and not condemnation for the world’s most inhumane regimes. It has changed from a place of conscience to a place of politics. It has focused on Israel while ignoring the misery inflicted by regimes in China, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Cuba. The UNHRC has become the UN’s greatest failure.

It has taken human dignity and reduced it to an instrument of international politics.

HRC’s membership contains some of the worst human rights violators. Cuba, China and Venezuela all have seats on the HRC

  • HRC membership – 62% of its members are not democracies.
  • Agenda Item 7 – devoted exclusively to the existence of Israel. This signifies the moral bankruptcy of the HRC.
  • In October 2017, Congo was elected to a seat on the HRC. Mass graves were being uncovered as they were being approved.
  • From December 2017, the people of Iran protested against the brutal regime and were beaten, arrested and killed. HRC said nothing.
  • Venezuela has continued to descend into dictatorship and brutality. HRC said nothing because Venezuela has a seat on the HRC.
  • The US has failed to get sufficient other countries to stand up, but the authoritarian regimes are happy with the status quo. A seat protects them and their allies from scrutiny. Russia, China, Egypt and Cuba resist any reform.
  • Reform was resisted by NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.
  • Pro-Human Rights countries decline to speak up in public about the failure of the HRC.
  • The US was the last piece of dignity to the HRC that consistently fails on Human Rights and that is why the US withdrew.

In spite of no longer being part of the UNHRC cabal, the US remains the single most significant contributor to promoting human rights on the planet and, by not giving a dime to the HRC, they do so without half of the overheads.


Why have so many people, particularly in the hegemonic elite, lost their minds over Trump? The guy gets lambasted on unsubstantiated claims and complaining about injustices that institutions such as as the UNHRC failure to address real abuses. It is long past the point where you can take a chance with strangers knowing that you actually like Trump.

I used to support Amnesty International, but not anymore and not for a long time. They turned me off when they opposed the execution of women but not of men. They took the same stand on circumcision. It exposed their hypocrisy for what it was – a pro-feminist charity.