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Teen Boy Missing For 3 Years Finally Returns Home. But …

Posted on 19/06/2018

The night before Nicholas was scheduled to appear in court, he went out to play basketball with a few friends. After the game was over, the boys all returned home, but Nicholas was never seen again. 

Move to Murder

Posted on 16/06/2018

the government and the UK establishment have lost legitimacy. People are defiant and angry. Meanwhile the Government sets about targeting vulnerable individuals with bogus hate speech crimes.


Posted on 12/06/2018

Nigel Farage seems to ‘flip-flop’ whenever the subject of Islam arises. He turns into an ‘eel’, slipping and sliding to avoid giving a definitive answer.


Posted on 11/06/2018

the guy who attacked in Trafalgar Square, wore a fixed smile as you will see from the film. Having studied the behaviour of psychopaths and how they behave, the ‘fixed smile’ is how they present themselves.

James Williams mashes Nigel Farage over his criticism of Tommy Robinson

Posted on 03/06/2018

James Williams mashes Nigel Farage over the latter’s criticism of Tommy Robinson.

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