What is truth and reality and where do facts fit in?

Facts are like nuggets of reality that we navigate by. They are akin to navigation marks. How we interpret them is how they fit in with our personal reality. Facts, depending on how we relate to them, can help steer us along a safe passage or, they condemn us to a period of misery and strife.

Why is there such division and animosity between groups and people in society? The tone and behaviour seems to have become unhealthily polarized. It is like the last days of empire when there are too few home-grown soldiers available to defend the aging civilization, its cultures and its values. Meanwhile, the hordes who seek our demise are full in numbers, malevolent in intent, and determined to conquer.

Are things coming to pass because the facts that are before us are interpreted or ignored that deny reality and the probability of a disastrous future. Surely, to misinterpret or ignore a fact is grossly foolish and courts disaster.

If you can only spout rhetoric and memes that are produced by someone else; if you only allow your pre-programmed mental conditioning to interpret facts in a particular way, and if you choose to ignore the warnings that the facts are presenting to you, then how do you know that you are not navigating into dangerous waters? I fear that time is running out and the treason against the people is criminally total.