On 29th April 2018 Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP resigned as Home Secretary. It followed a scandal that had seen the threat of deportation of children of Commonwealth migrants that had come to the UK prior to 1973. Astonishingly, the UK Government had destroyed documentation that proved they were bona fide British citizens. After mounting pressure, offering a number of public apologies and providing a kaleidoscope of excuses, Ms Rudd’s position became untenable. Her resignation came in the wake of a less prominent scandal; the decision not to renew the contract of Ms. Alison Saunders, Director of the Crown Prosecution Service. Ms Saunders had a passion to raise the number of prosecutions of men accused of sexual offences, but had been instrumental in the suppression of evidence to the defences of the accused. Both Rudd and Saunders are authoritarian feminists as is their boss, the Prime Minister, Theresa May.



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