Mark Zuckerberg admits that Silicon Valley is very Left leaning. He has up to 15,000 employed to control inappropriate content, but claims to know nothing about their political allegiances. 

He cannot explain why several pro-conservative and Catholic pages have been sanctioned and removed but no Leftist content. 

In the senate hearing, Mr. Zuckerberg is made uncomfortable by Senator Cruz’s powerful assertions backed up by examples, but the conclusion can only be that Zuckerberg acts as a demigod and allows censorship of material that he and his employees feel are not in line with their own political views. It is disturbingly fascistic in the way that the company operates. It clearly does not obey its own rules.

Facebook needs to be sanctioned heavily for 1st Amendment violations of other content users. Zuckerberg is either an incompetent CEO or a blatant liar. The situation cannot go unpunished as the implications are very serious and other tech giants need to know the limitations of their power.

James Williams

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