In Defence of Free Speech at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London 18th March 2018

These films were aimed at showing what happens at Speaker’s Corner. Some of the participants who stand on boxes and ladders to ‘sing’ out what they have to say are recorded, but also, if you listen you can pick up on snippets of conversations as the camera passes by. It was never envisaged that recording of Tommy Robinson’s rendition  of Martin Sellner’s speech would be possible. For that, more closely positioned recording devices would do a better job than what I could do. 

  1.   Pre-Departure to London




2.   The Build Up to Tommy Robinson’s Arrival


3.  Tommy Robinson delivers Martin Sellner’s Prevented Speech


4.  In the Crowd During the Speech (Speech not audible)


5.  Aftermath of Tommy Robinson’s Appearance 


6.  Muslims handing out literature challenged in heated exchange



7.  Woman in Niqab gives an amusing tirade against “wearing Stone Age clothes!”



7.  Muslim Men call to Prayer at Speaker’s Corner