According to a report from HerpAlert (an online diagnosis and treatment website for the Socially Transmitted Disease), there has been a spike in people who are looking to get treated for herpes. This ironically happens to coincide with the 90th annual Academy Awards.




Comment: As I have little time with the virtue-signalling, self-righteous hypocrites of the Hollywood elites, I do not want to dwell on the topic of The Oscars anymore than is necessary. They seem to be the epitome of “don’t-do-as-I-do-do-as-I-say” snobbery and shillness.


Their luxurious lifestyles and almost complete lack of appreciation of how most actually live, sets them apart from the rest of humanity. However, it is their self aggrandisement and conviction over being intellectually superior that I perhaps find most distasteful. Few have any skills to do anything other than pretend to be someone else. Their virtuous display has slipped in recent months with the rise of the Me-Too movement. Why did those complaining about being abused wait so long before they said anything? Was it because the more successful ones were lining their pockets while allowing the alleged abuses to continue to more vulnerable actors and actresses?

There are a multitude of actors who barely get by and many more who enjoy acting as an enthusiastic hobby. I do not include those people in my venomous utterances here.

The elite of the acting ‘nobility’ live in a bubble and when they emerge from their shells, on occasions such as The Oscars, they do so with the full expectation that they will be fawned and feigned over as if somehow they are a special category of human that was especially crafted by God.

When you see such people just try to imagine them sitting on a toilet. It will help cleanse any mind-boggling effects their spell-casting glamour may have on you and bring you back to seeing them as just like anyone else and not super-heroes.  

I am not opposed to people getting rich and I do not want to cast all actors in the same mould, but the acting nobility have mostly never known true poverty. Me-Too has been used as a means to weaponize the law and normal interaction by the man-hating feminists as an excuse to attack all men and boys everywhere. The spectre of totalitarianism looms large with all the means necessary being made available to persecute half of the population whenever  they can count on the cringier parts of the Main Stream Media who are more interested in their own virtue-signalling and click-baiting to actually stand up for the truth.

I acknowledge that, as with any group, you will not find a complete, homogenous set of beliefs. After all, actor James Woods is not the same as most of the others in Hollywood and neither was the late Clint Eastwood.

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