Traditional news is undergoing an unprecedented crisis. The exposures of producing ‘Fake News’ coupled with partisan reporting and a fall in the number credible reporters has led to people increasingly turning to the internet. The demand for trustworthy stories has never been higher. Chimes sets out to provide customers with authentic and fresh material. No one can be everywhere at once, but ‘citizen journalists’ can be in more places than most. They are normal people caught up in dramas and tragedies as they unfold. They are both witnesses and the news. Chimes wants to give them a platform so that the world can see what they see. Chimes will also provide traditionally produced news and use alternative sources to broaden perspectives offering customers a balanced approach to different events so people can better see REAL news is.


With the rise and development of social media to an unprecedented scale there is a huge demand to address a market need for trustworthy and honest news reporting. Many people have become disillusioned and suspicious of traditional news organizations (MSM), some of whom have been found to be presenting constructed, fake news and propaganda. Many of those employed the in MSM act like they are members of a separate social class and do not reflect nor seem to understand the lives of ordinary people. Some of the news and reports presented can be quite divisive and preferentially select. This has lowered the credibility of the MSM and has caused representative isolation to many silent members of the public. It has caused much misery to some and has been a factor in the death and harm of others. There have been attempts to control ‘alternative news’ by censoring and attacking economic sources and there are signs that this may worsen. However, this has fed demand for more alternative news channels that are free from this.

With censorship being threatened by governments and large tech companies a market demand has opened up for independence, freedom of speech and a respect for privacy. There are already attempts by many others to try to supply this demand. Chimes Media, if properly prepared and set up, is intended to operate independent from state monitoring and censorship. It is aimed to offer people and companies with a brand to be trusted. It will still engage with controlling mediums, but will not allow these to control inputs and outputs.

Additionally, it is also hoped that new talents in arts, music and entertainment will be drawn to use Chimes as a means of promoting their talents to a wider audience.

Financially, the approach is to avoid unnecessary debt and to pay for what is needed to make the organization functional as a service provider.

As the company grows, it is hoped that employment will become available for technical engineers, marketing specialists, new and talented media specialists and administrative workers.