I am speaking from my own experience when I say that I wanted to have children. I remember being elated when my first son was born. To me, he was a work of beauty made from the forging of two sets of DNA that was created by two people out of love.

I am very much aware of those who have had nothing but horror stories to tell. I have sat with those men; held them when they broke down; accompanied them to courts. I have engaged with social services who treat men as second rate parents and with utter contempt.

For me, I was fortunate that I married a woman who came from a stable family herself and with two very supportive parents. Our relationship has been reinforced by a bond across different generations that included great grandparents as well.

I am first to admit that marriage and its nemesis, divorce, are toxic to men. Those that feed off these are loathsome parasites who are helping the feminist dream of destroying marriage to become a reality. They are costing thousands of lives and unquantifiable amounts of suffering and misery, especially to children. I sympathize with MGTOWs completely, but I cannot be one when it comes to marriage.


James Williams