This Is How China Is Feeding Itself

How a superpower secures its future.

By Tomás Sidenfaden

Industrialization has wrought a punishing effect on China’s farmland. In an uncharacteristically blunt assessment, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection indicated in a 2014 report that almost 20 percent of the country’s arable land is polluted. The worst of the affected soils were laced with inorganic chemicals such as nickel, cadmium, and arsenic — common mining by-products — while the remaining portions were rendered low yield due to heavy saturation from fertilizers and pesticides.

This, sadly, was not a shock to Chinese consumers, many of whom have cultivated a healthy distrust of domestically produced food items. Food scandals in China have ranged from melamine-tainted baby formula to recycled pig carcasses, creating large demand for imports of dairy and meat products from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.China2


This Is How China Is Feeding Itself


Unconfirmed: Arab Intel Says Saudi Crown Prince Likely Killed in Coup

By  VT Senior Editors

Veterans Today

Saudi Prince

TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is likely dead after an assassination attempt on his life last month, a Persian-language daily reported claiming intel from the security service of an Arab state.

According to the Persian-language newspaper, Keyhan, a secret service report sent to the senior officials of an unnamed Arab state disclosed that bin Salman has been hit by two bullets during the April 21 attack on his palace, adding that he might well be dead as he has never appeared in the public eversince.

Heavy gunfire was heard near the Saudi King’s palace in Riyadh Saudi Arabia on April 21, while King Salman was taken to a US bunker at an airbase in the city.

A growing number of videos surfaced the media at the time displaying that a heavy gunfire erupted around King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s palace in the capital, Riyadh.

Reports said the king and his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, were evacuated to a bunker at an airbase in the city that is under the protection of the US troops.

While Saudi officials and media were quiet over the incident, there were contradicting reports over the incident. Witnesses and residents of the neighborhoods near the palace said a coup was underway, adding that the soldiers attacking the palace were guided by footage and intel they were receiving from a drone flying over the palace.

Saudi opposition members claimed that “a senior ground force officer has led a raid on the palace to kill the king and the crown prince”.

Videos also showed that a growing number of armored vehicles were deployed around the palace. ‘Bin Salman’s special guard’ then took charge of security in the capital. Riyadh’s sky was then closed to all civil and military flights as military helicopters from ‘Bin Salman’s special guard’ were flying over the palace.

Bin Salman was a man who almost often appeared before the media but his 27-day absence since the gunfire in Riyadh has raised questions about his health.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter, has witnessed a series of radical political changes over the past year as Mohammed bin Salman ousted his cousin as crown prince and jailed well-known princes in an anti-corruption purge.

Moreover, bin Salman oversees social and economic reforms that have been censured by several powerful Wahhabi clerics.

Saudi Arabia is also embroiled in a long running conflict in its Southern neighbor Yemen, dubbed by the United Nations as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Notably, bin Salman made no media appearance during the April 28 visit of the newly-appointed US State Secretary Mike Pompeo to Riyadh, his first foreign trip as the top US diplomat.

During his stay in Riyadh, Saudi media outlets published images of Pompeo’s meetings with King Salman and Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.

This is while the state-run outlets used to publish images of meetings in Riyadh between bin Salman and former US secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

A few days after the April 21 incident, Saudi media published footage and images of bin Salman meeting several Saudi and foreign officials. But the date of the meetings could not be verified, so the release of the videos could be aimed at dispelling rumors about bin Salman’s conditions.

It is not clear if bin Salman’s disappearance is due to reasons such as him feeling threatened or being injured in the incident.


The source here comes from Tehran and as there is regional war going on between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the report has to be ‘unconfirmed’ unless both sides acknowledge he has been ‘done in’. Where does all this conflict lead to?

Looking to our own problems with masses of Muslims multiplying in Western countries and mixed with resident populations not bothering to breed the next generation, when they eventually take over will there be everlasting conflict between the different factions of Islam? So far, it has been demonstrated that when multi-faith and multi-national individuals invade, they bring their old prejudices with them.

Perhaps we need a proclamation from our monarch in the UK, a slight modification from the old one: “Fornicate Under Command of the King” to “Fornicate Under Command of the Queen.” (FUCQ)

Writing Europeans Out of Their Own History

Mark Collett

The indigenous European people are being written out of their own history, folklore and mythology by those who wish to re-write history and strip Europeans of their traditions and culture in order to propagate the lie that Europe was always multicultural and that people who did not originate in Europe have played pivotal roles in European history, and crucially that non-Europeans have a right to stake their claim to European soil.


There is so much to write on this subject. As the saying goes: “it’s like being a mosquito in a nudist colony.” This rant below is just a snapshot of the scale of a problem that threatens the survival of modern civilization. 

In case anyone has been asleep, there has been a sustained attack on men as a group for the past 40 years, but it has been pitched along the lines of group rivalry where men are portrayed and treated as oppressors and women as oppressed. This attack has decimated families and, in the US, it has seen the devastating decline in the welfare of the black family. This phenomenon has created resentful divisions where the oppressed groups see themselves as unfairly abused victims. But, it has not stopped there. We have seen the fracturing of western societies where all variations of difference between people becomes amplified. A whole lexicon of gender pronouns has become a ridiculous parody of mental imprisonment to the victim narrative. Ever more terms are used to explain exemplify a particular type of oppression. In this article, it is ‘Cultural Appropriation’.

The erasing of whites in history is part of a malevolent agenda and the forerunner to the elimination of whites in reality. With falling birthrates and the invasion by hundreds of thousands of migrants from those who are hostile to western culture and values the future looks increasingly bleak. We are on the eve of the fall of empire. The same fate that other empires have endured before us and, when it happens, it ain’t pretty. 

Our political leaders have and are betraying us. The media enforces a bigoted victim narrative while distracting us with entertainment. We MUST wake up. Do not pay money to the BBC. Do not buy newspapers. Do not contribute to big globalist charities. Do not cooperate with anyone who wants to shut you down. Never apologize to them anymore than you would to a bully. Those who are pursuing these shutdowns of free expression run on an authoritarian ticket and at the end of the track are the gulags and death camps. Having read a few books on the Russian Revolution of 1917, one of the reflections I noted was that in 1900, people would never have thought things could turn out that bad just a few years later.

As Mark Collett says: learn your history. Embrace your culture. Be proud of your heritage. Find out all the good that white people have done and how our ancestors suffered to bring us all the comforts we enjoy, but DO NOT HATE those the evil Far Leftists want you to hate. Instead, spend your efforts ousting them from all the key positions they have taken over and never allow them to take over anything.


At Least 45 Killed in Bloody Inauguration of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

By Laura Loomer


JERUSALEM–Palestinians hurled rocks, set tires ablaze, and tried to breach a border fence as Israeli snipers fired from the other side, leaving as many as 45 rioters dead during Monday’s inauguration of the new U.S. embassy.

Health officials report least 772 were wounded, including 86 in critical or serious condition.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, more than 35,000 people were involved in the clashes on Monday, as the IDF accused Gaza’s Islamist Hamas rulers of leading a “terrorist operation under the cover of masses of people.”

“Big day for Israel. Congratulations!” President Trump tweeted Monday.

The new embassy recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has been promised by Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

President Trump, following up on a campaign promise, announced the embassy move late last year. The Palestinians seek East Jerusalem as a future capital and have been outraged by the decision.

Israeli supporters have suspected the violence on Monday, which included the death of at least five minors, saw Palestinian authorities provoking children and others to invade Israel in anticipation of retaliation by the IDF, a move that would gain sympathy for Palestinians in the international press.

Senior Hamas leader Ismail Radwan promised further rioting, saying, “Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem will be a disaster on the American administration and a black day in the history of the American people because they are partners with the occupation and its aggression against the Palestinian people,” with the Palestinian authority accusing Israel of carrying out a “massacre.”

Speaking to Agence France-Presse, Bilal Fasayfes, 31, boarded a free bus to the border with his wife and two children in the Gaza city of Khan Yunis.

“If half the people die we won’t care. We will keep going so the other half can live with dignity,” he said.

Gangs of masked young men were reported marching through Gaza streets forcing shops to close down in an “general strike” supported by Palestinian leaders, as rioters burned American and Israeli flags.


Caption: Dozens of Palestinians were killed and hundreds wounded by Israeli Army fire during May 14 protests against the U.S. Embassy’s move to Jerusalem according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.


I support the move, but question whether it was necessary to shoot the protesters. I would like to see what justification there is for doing so.


Indonesia: 11 Dead After Suicide Bombers Attack 3 Churches

TeleSur News

Indo Terror.jpg

The bombers targeted the Santa Maria Catholic Church, the Indonesian Christian Church and the Pentecost Central Church.

Suicide bombers have killed at least 11 people and wounded 41 others in attacks on three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia, according to officials.

East Java police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera confirmed that the explosions took place in the churches and injured were taken to a hospital. “All places where the public can gather, security has been tightened in those places.”

Two police officers are among those being treated at a hospital.

“Right now there are only three locations. Do not believe in misleading information that (the bomb) exploded in five locations or any others,” Mangera added.

The bombers targeted the Santa Maria Catholic Church, the Indonesian Christian Church and the Pentecost Central Church.

St. Maria was the site of the first blast, which occurred at 7.30 a.m. local time Sunday (8.30 p.m. Saturday ET), before blasts at 7.35 a.m. and 8 a.m., state-run news agency Antara reported. The blasts all occurred within 10 minutes of each other, police said.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country with more than 82% of its roughly 260,500,000 people following Islam. Around 10% of the population is Christian.

Indonesia has been plagued by al-Qaeda affiliated group Jemaah Islamiyah, which claimed responsibility for 11 attacks between 2000 and 2010, including the 2002 Bali bombings, which left more than 200 people dead.


While you should avoid criticism of Muslims for being Muslims, Islam is another matter altogether. I do not know how much factually based discussion the shill UK Government will allow me to talk about before they take action against me and this site, but firstly Islam is a political ideology and not a religion of peace. Islam means submission (to Allah). What is being put into the heads of our children is that Jihad is about ‘inner struggle’. The ‘inner struggle’ which, I believe is found in the Hadith (one of the books of the Koran trilogy) accounts for 2%. Four other types of delivering Jihad are by 1) the sword; 2) Speech; 3) Money; 4) Migration. The Koran is basically a manual for conquest and, so far, has been remarkably successful against spineless governments that pretend to be democratic and free.

Families who take up the ‘sword’ of Jihad and sacrifice their lives to destroy Kafirs (non Muslims have been indoctrinated into believing they are going to heaven. 

One question: If Allah is all powerful, why does he need anyone to do his killing?


Mozambique in drive to circumcise 100,000 men in effort to combat HIV

Adrian Blomfield, Nairobi   Daily Telegraph

Mozambique is to circumcise 100,000 men over the coming months in one of the largest mass drives of a regional campaign to combat the spread of HIV in eastern and southern Africa.

Boy bands, doctors and government officials have all been enlisted to urge Mozambique’s male population to opt for the procedure, amid warnings that African states are in danger of missing a United Nations target to circumcise 27 million men by 2021.

Circumcision is believed to be an effective preventative measure in the fight against HIV, after scientists discovered heterosexual men who had the procedure were less likely to contract the virus.


The evidence purports that circumcision prevents HIV in heterosexual men. In particular, the data seems to support a reduction of HIV in black men. However, the data actually shows that the effects of preventing HIV is MOST NOTABLE in men having the procedure AFTER THE AGE OF 35!     Scam of Circumcission

Officials in Mozambique’s central Zambezia province – where 18 per cent of the population lives with HIV – said they hoped to beat last year’s record, which saw 84,000 men and boys volunteer for the procedure.

In an additional bid to meet the target, the country is also one of the first African nations to trial a “DIY” male circumcision kit, which can be carried out at home.


In numbers | HIV and AIDS

  • Since the start of the epidemic in 1981, an estimated 78 million people have become infected with HIV and 35 million people have died of Aids-related illnesses
  • In 2016, an estimated 36.7 million people were living with HIV and one million people died of Aids-related illnesses
  • There were roughly 1.8 million new HIV infections in 2016 – a decline from 2.1 million new infections in 2015
  • It is estimated that 1.8 million children are living with HIV, most of whom were infected by their HIV-positive mothers during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding
  • More than half of all people living with HIV (53 per cent) now have access to life-saving treatment



As I understood, HIV is spread by the exchange of bodily fluids such as blood or semen. It does not spread through just physical contact. Outside of the body environment, HIV lasts about 3 seconds, so having HIV actually on your foreskin is less than ideal for its survival.


Mother, 19, stabbed boyfriend during sex after telling him men should only be used for ‘human sacrifice’

By  Gareth Davies   Daily Telegraph

Human Sacrifice Zoe AdamsA young mother has been jailed for 11 years for stabbing her occasional boyfriend as they had sexual intercourse after texting him to say men should only be used as “human sacrifice”.

Zoe Adams, 19, had dressed up as a clown and put a pillow over Kieran Bewick’s head to make their encounter more exhilarating on July 29 last year, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

In what she described as an “overreaction”, she whispered, “Trust me”, to the then 17-year-old Bewick before stabbing him five times in the chest, arm and thigh with a 10-inch knife, collapsing his lung.

Having seized Adams’ iPhone, the court heard of images she had saved on the device, which included a blood-soaked woman with the caption “Murder is like a bag of chips: you can’t stop after just one”.

The device also had a text message to her victim reading: “I don’t think about males unless said male is strapped up and being used as a human sacrifice – you should be grateful you are not part of it.”

Adams claimed she could not remember the incident, but sentencing, Judge James Adkin said her “cruel and sadistic” actions were deliberately intended to cause harm to her victim.

Human Sacrifice

He added that she planned the attack, taking the knife and duct tape to her bedroom in Wigton, Cumbria.

Mr Bewick, who is afraid of clowns, had declined Adams’ earlier suggestion to be tied up with the tape, and the pillow was a compromise.

Judge Adkin said: “You had decided to cause serious harm to Mr Bewick during sex.

“I am sure that by that time you had already become disinhibited by drink and drugs and the more sadistic side of your personality had come to dominate,” said Judge Adkin, ruling that Adams is a dangerous offender.

In his victim impact statement, Mr Bewick said he had struggled to sleep since the attack, which left him with the injury to his lung and pneumonia.

His statement said: “I struggle with the knowledge that someone I genuinely cared about would do this to me”.

“Just after I got out of hospital, this thought played on my mind a lot”.

“But having had time to think about it, I am convinced that she planned it. It wasn’t personal. She was going to do it to someone and it just happened to be me. Strangely, that makes it easier to deal with.”

He was going to be scarred mentally and emotionally for the rest of his life, he said, adding: “I have always had a fear of clowns and Zoe knew this. This will now only increase my fear of clowns.”

In a text message, Mr Bewick had told her that a barefoot clown was his worst nightmare.


Human Sacrifice2

Mr Bewick, a fantasy novelist, was left with life-threatening injuries after his attacker plunged the knife twice into his chest.

Earlier in the hearing, Adams claimed she could not remember stabbing her occasional lover, saying the attack was brought on by him kissing her neck.

“I did stab him – but I overreacted,” she told the court, dismissing the evidence found on her mobile phone as “a joke”.

Mr Bewick had written and published his own dark fantasy novel called Ascendence. It was a topic they shared an interest in.

She had been given a copy of the book, which quotes a female character saying: “I knelt on Greg’s chest, with my blade positioned carefully at his heart.”

Adams claimed she never read it and told the court she had no idea why police found a record on her phone of a search about the sentence for attempted murder – the charge she originally faced.

The judge dismissed her version of events, siding with the now 18-year-old Mr Bewick, and sentenced her on Wednesday.


This article was from the Daily Telegraph. If you notice there was no actual naming of the charge in the report she was found guilty of except in the next to last paragraph when it says: “… she never read it and told the court she had no idea why police found a record on her phone of a search about the sentence for attempted murder – the charge she originally faced.

Does this mean they dropped the charge of attempted murder? If someone stabs you in the chest does that not come under the definition of attempted murder? Another thing, successive governments, not to mention an influential segment of the campaigning public have been lobbying for reduction of sentencing for female offenders for years. These are the same people who have supported women being treated the same as men. If Mr. Bewick had been doing the stabbing what charge do you think he would have been found guilty of? Do you think he would have gotten just 11 years?

This woman has given strong signals that she will do it again and, given that inmates can halve their sentences if they behave themselves in prison, there is a very good chance that she will be out in 5 years time and ready for her next unsuspecting victim and a chance to ruin more lives. 

Psychopaths do not stop being psychopaths because they are women. 

Human Sacrifice Coulrophobia


Incidentally, the phobia that Mr. Bewick suffers from is called coulrophobia.





Woman, 20s, victim of suspected acid attack outside Brixton Tube station

Georgia Diebelius 8 May 2018    METRO

A woman has been injured after allegedly being hit by a noxious substance in Brixton. The victim was reportedly hit by a substance outside of Brixton Station at around 1.45pm.

She was on a bus at the time of the incident and has since been taken to hospital. Witnesses on the scene claimed to have seen the woman ‘surrounded by firefighters’ who were hosing her with water.

Police have said her condition is not life changing or life threatening, and she suffered no major burns.

Witnesses initially claimed that the victim was caught in an ‘acid fight’ by the station. Becky Reid tweeted: ‘Feel physically sick after walking past a poor innocent person getting hosed down by firefighters after being caught in the middle of an acid fight in Brixton. ‘So scary that this can happen on our doorstep. Hope they are okay’. However officers have since said the attack appears to be targeted – and not random. Enquiries continue to trace a single male suspect who is said to have fled the scene.

Police said: ‘Police were called to Brixton Road, SW9 at 1.45pm by London Ambulance following reports of a woman in her twenties being the victim of a noxious substance attack. ‘The woman injured on the bus as a result of the suspected noxious substance has been taken to hospital.

Her condition is not life changing or life threatening. No major burns. ‘Enquiries continue to trace the single male suspect. This attack appears to be a targeted & not random.’ The bus – which is believed to be the scene of the attack – continues to be examined. A crime scene remains in place and temporary road closures are in effect. At this stage, this attack is being treated as GBH. Anyone with information is requested to call police on 101 quoting CAD 4258/8May or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


I understand that globally the worst country in the world for acid attacks is Bangladesh. It will be interesting to test the hypothesis that this undesirable part of Bangladeshi culture is what is associated with this particular attack. If we can set aside pointless and, frankly dangerous, accusations of racism and look at patterns and behaviours followed by other races and nationalities then may be we can move towards workable solutions that sanitize the worst aspects of those cultures and make life better for everyone especially the victims.


The Media Get Trumped: President’s Polls Improve Despite 90% Negative Coverage

By Rich Noyes | May 8, 2018


Trump Bash1

The liberal media’s war against President Trump was as fierce as ever during the first four months of 2018, but the onslaught appears to be for naught: In the face of massive and hostile coverage from ABC, CBS and NBC, Trump’s overall job approval rating actually rose, from 37 percent in mid-December to roughly 43 percent at the end of April.

The Media Research Center studied all broadcast evening news coverage of the President from January 1 through April 30, and found 90 percent of the evaluative comments about Trump were negative — precisely the same hostile tone we documented in 2017.

But unlike last year, when the Real Clear Politics average depicted a slow but steady erosion in the President’s job approval numbers, the public has apparently warmed to Trump in 2018, even as the networks are as frosty as ever.

For this report, MRC analysts examined all 1,065 network evening news stories about President Trump and top members of his administration during the first four months of this year. The coverage totalled a whopping 1,774 minutes, or roughly one-third of all evening news airtime.

Trump Bash3

(For comparison, in 2015 and 2016, coverage of President Obama amounted to just ten percent of all evening news airtime.)

Nearly two-fifths (39%) of the TV coverage we examined focused on Trump scandals and controversies, while 45 percent was devoted to various policy issues. The remaining airtime was spent on controversies involving other top Trump officials, such as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, or did not involve specific topics.

The Russia “collusion” story was given by far the most airtime — 321 minutes, or nearly one-fifth of all Trump administration coverage. The legal battle involving porn star Stormy Daniels, as well as allegations against the President involving other women, ate up another 92 minutes of airtime.

Network coverage of those topics, plus a host of other smaller controversies involving the President, was almost entirely negative: of the 598 statements we tallied about Trump’s personal controversies or scandals, virtually all of them (579, or 97%) were negative.

Current Distribution of Control in US Politics: 

House of Representatives                       Governors                                      Senate



There are many things that I find disturbing about the state of political discourse, too many to list here, but one has to be how objective reporting in the media seems to have died without many people noticing it. Journalists have become more akin to activists than reporters who should be telling people what is really happening. Instead, they talk as if you are in the same political category as them. They convey a really annoying, habit of preaching and virtue signalling of how moral they are. It is just one of the factors that has brought the media industry into disrepute. Worse still it has also led to the policing of Free Speech, Freedom of Association and self-censoring Free Thought. I hear so many people talking about things that they have no knowledge of other than the BS they have been told by broadcasters such as the BBC

I am not immune to the conditioning either. Only a few days ago my own self-censorship of thought became apparent when a well educated black man pointed out to me how I hesitated about saying that I was English and defining what that was. He pointed out that being English meant that I was white because of coming from the main white tribal groups that make up the English race. He was denigrating whiteness, just simply pointing out a fact. One that I had suppressed within myself.



Antifa Attack Free Speech campaigners in High Holborn, London

On Sunday 6th May 2018, beneath clear skies and a blazing sun, many hundreds of supporters of Free Speech gathered in the vicinity of Parliament Square and Whitehall. Many thousands more formed a broad column and made their way from Speaker’s Corner and through Trafalgar Square to Whitehall before reaching the gates of Downing Street. Among these people were young and old; children and pensioners people from different nationalities and different faiths.

There were a number of eminent speakers, some appearing in person such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Count Dankula, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) and Tommy Robinson as well as broadcasted speeches from Philosopher Stefan Molyneux and UK-barred, young Canadian journalist, Lauren Southern. The speeches were laced with singing and chanting which all served to educate and , entertain and enthuse the crowd for over two hours in festival-like conditions.Banned

A handful of Antifa thugs, infamous throughout the world for their violent behaviour  toward anyone they think is a Nazi (which is just about everyone) were drowned out and blocked by police in one of the side streets the marchers passed. There were reports of violence in Parliament Square, but after the event many people found their way to a local bar to quench their thirsts with a cool beer. It had been a happy and memorable occasion, even with the annoying police helicopter buzzing overhead. But, things were not finished for a group of 5 men, for as they were being served their beers at the Penderels Oak in High Holborn (about 30 minutes walk from Whithall) they were set upon by a superior number of Antifa thugs. Though they fought bravely and with determination, their injuries meant they were compelled to attend hospital suffering fractures and concussions.

When President Trump came into office, he said to the American police quite simply, do your job. The police attending the march were exemplary and were praised by all attendees but, I hope the violent criminals who attacked the five men and put staff and other customers in fear are brought to justice and dealt with appropriately.

Some states are beginning to realize that Antifa are little more than criminals and petty terrorists, but perhaps it will take an attack on a VIP before the authorities take action. Until that time the rest of us mere mortals will have to make do and hope that we are not the ones that gets bottled or brained.


Four Shootings In London During Weekend Of Bloodshed In Capital


London’s bank holiday weekend has been marred by violence after four shootings in the capital in less than 24 hours.


The latest flashpoint happened in south east London when a 22-year-old man was shot in New Cross Road, Lewisham, at around 6.30pm on Sunday. He is not thought to be in a life-threatening condition.

Elsewhere in the capital, two boys, aged 13 and 15, were shot in Wealdstone, north west London. Police were called just minutes apart to the shootings at two locations in close proximity in High Street, at around 1.15pm on Sunday. Both boys have been taken to hospital suffering head injuries but neither was thought to be in a life-threatening condition, Scotland Yard said.


On Saturday, a 17-year-old – named locally as Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton – was shot dead near his home in Southwark, south London.

He was discovered with critical injuries on Warham Street after officers were called to reports of gunshots on nearby Cooks Road shortly after 6pm.

The incident comes as the Metropolitan Police investigates more than 60 alleged murders so far this year in London.

In Wealdstone, the 13-year-old had a shotgun pellet wound. Asked if the incidents were linked, a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said that was one line of inquiry.

No arrests have been made and no firearm has been recovered, police said.

Palmerston Road, just off Wealdstone High Street, was blocked off with police tape and manned by uniformed officers.

A grey adidas sweatshirt with blood stains on the hood lay crumpled on the ground outside a Specsavers store along with a police exhibit number.

A shopkeeper said the youngster was “lucky to be alive” and they believe a bullet grazed the back of his head.

The manager of a betting shop, who did not give his name, said he was passing by on his lunch break and saw people gathered outside Specsavers around a black man on the ground.

He said: “He was holding his head down. I could not see his face but could see his white t-shirt was proper covered in blood.

“He was sitting calmly as the paramedics were looking after him.”

He described Wealdstone as a “kind of rough area and it can be a bit aggressive”.

He added that “seeing police around here is just another day” and he was used to seeing boys “just hanging around” in the street.

A green first aid bag could be seen behind the cordon as forensics officers took photographs and passers-by were diverted from the scene.


The mother of Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton – was shot dead in Southwark – made a plea for the shootings to stop.

Pretana Morgan told reporters near her home in the Brandon Estate: “We do not need this. We cannot be doing this all the time, teenagers you need to stop please.

“Enjoy your life, your youth, get knowledge in your head, get wisdom and knowledge.

“You only have one life, you better make use of it.”

She said her “very handsome boy” had “got so much potential”, and said he had gone to her home country of Jamaica last summer after a threat in London, and had just returned to the capital in February.

Tearfully, she said he had been “trying to make a difference” by learning to work with children.

“This is not life. My son’s a good boy,” she said.               Huff Post


This latest display of violence is an ongoing social problem to which no one has any definitive solutions. It would seem that both perpetrators and victims are black people. One answer has been suggested is to set aside politically correct dogmas and reintroduce stop and search selectively. Whilst this would probably cause a fall in the number of incidents, it will only serve as a controlling aspect to the problem.

Weapons related crime has been going on for years. It’s just that it happens to be worse now. I believe it was Theresa May, as Home Secretary, who ordered stop and search to be stopped since she considered it to be racist. However, the issue goes far deeper than merely street level control. As with white boys failing in academy and suiciding,  black boys are suffering from the same route cause. It’s just that they are expressing themselves by stabbing and shooting each other.

Across the world as well as in Britain the attack on the family and the driving away of fathers as highly relevant role models has been shown consistently as the most damaging aspect to children’s lives. To correct this, it will take more than encouraging words to put things right. It will need the family justice system to become much more pro-father. It is going to need unsubstantiated claims of domestic violence made against men to be thrown out more quickly, with perhaps counter charges against false accusers being more seriously considered. There should be economic rewards through taxation for those families who stick together and, in the spirit of equality, there need to me more pro-male supportive staff made available by social services and family legal operatives. These measures would be a start, but to have no active program as we have now, is plain irresponsible and incompetent. But even more importantly it is destroying young lives.




May 6th 2018, Whitehall, London






If you don’t know any of these people, you must have been living under a rock.


One of the things that I firmly believe in is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is not simply the freedom to say anything you like without consequences. If you threaten to do harm to someone, you risk sanctions for putting them in fear for their own safety. That has always been illegal. The problem has come when someone has decided that what you say is hate speech even if what you say is perfectly valid and truthful.

But, who decides what is hate speech?

“The worst people in the world you would want to,” according to Professor Jordan Peterson. The threat of hate speech prosecution has a psychological effect and gags ordinary people who are fearful of wrongdoing. It is the preserve of totalitarianism. It leads to controlled thought – itself an Orwellian, but very real nightmare.

“To think is to risk being offensive,” says Jordan Peterson.

When you are considering a difficult topic, your train of thoughts will explore different aspects of the problem, even some very unsavoury ones. If you speak to one person you may or may not say something they do not like, but if you speak to a hundred people, there is a high probability that there will be at least one person that does not agree with you and will be offended by your views.

In recent years, Europe has witnessed an unprecedented explosion of migration, most of which did not come from war torn Syria. Many have arrived from regions that have continuing conflicts and social rifts between differing factions.

We have also seen a mass invasion of Muslims that have no interest and intention of integrating. This is no accident, but is in line with the BARCELONA DECLARATION 1995:

Barcelona declaration adopted at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference [27-28/11/95]

This was a secretive European Union-agreement with 10 European and North African Countries.

Abstract from the Barcelona – Euro Mediterranean Declaration of 1995:

The Euro Mediterranean Declaration was agreed upon by the EU, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel and comprises:

Comprehensive political partnership, among other things about:

Establishing a free trade area and economic integration to begin in the year of 2010

Considerably more money for the partners

Cultural partnership.

Respect for Islam Is Guaranteed by the EU

European Parliament resolution of 13 December 2007 on combating the rise of extremism in Europe


Multiculturalism is to be respected in order to promote tolerance between different ethnic groups in society. The importance of a resolute common campaign against racism, xenophobia and intolerance is emphasized.

Close mutual European-Muslim influence on radio, television, newspapers and magazines is to bring about cultural understanding. The EU will actively promote such mutual influences. Youth exchange is one of the instruments for cooperation between future Euro Mediterranean generations.

Multiculturalism is to be respected in order to promote tolerance between different ethnic groups in society. The importance of a resolute common campaign against racism, xenophobia and intolerance is emphasized.

Close mutual European-Muslim influence on radio, television, newspapers and magazines is to bring about cultural understanding. The EU will actively promote such mutual influences. Youth exchange is one of the instruments for cooperation between future Euro Mediterranean generations.

I am being subversive for saying this and, if I were important enough, they would shut down this website and me in the blink of an eye, but the political elites have betrayed not just the British people, but our friends on the continent. I would urge anyone who has still retained their independence to think to learn all you can about Islam and why it is hostile to Western values. Avoid criticizing Muslims. Instead, focus on their political manual – the Koran.

All Muslims believe in these two rules:

  • There is no god but Allah
  • Mohammed is his prophet

14% is devoted to Allah and 86% to Mohammed who is regarded as the perfect Muslim.

If you think Mohammed was an okay guy, in one day he had 800 Jews beheaded and the Koran is more anti-Jewish that Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Did you also know that he married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was just 9. Those are just of gems you should know while you are reading about the activities of rape gangs.

60% of the Koran (which is a trilogy) are dedicated to dealing with Kafirs (non-Muslims). Mohammed started a relentless war/ Jihad against the Kafirs resulting in the deaths of 270 million people.

Rape gangs have become a feature in dozens of cities across the UK and anyone who stands up and says “enough is enough” is slapped down and risk persecution by authorities. The UK police seem quite content to arrest fathers for trying to rescue their 12 year old daughters while 23 Pakistani Muslims are subjecting the girl to the relentless torture of gang rape. And, where are the feminists? Absolutely silent. 

On the persecution of campaigners for true justice, there has been a government approved harassment of Tommy Robinson which you can check out online. I should point out, that this was carried out with the full knowledge of Theresa May when she was UK Home Secretary. About 8 years ago as a Conservative Party member, I attended a Party conference and refused to stand when Theresa May entered the auditorium because there were things that she was involved in that I did not ethically approve of. Needless to say, I am not a Party member anymore.

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Brazil: Another Massacre in Rio de Janeiro Amid ‘No Results’ Military Intervention

While the motives of the massacre are unknown, investigators have not discarded the possibility of a milita group carrying out the murders.


Five people were killed, along with a military police officer, in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area Saturday. The massacre occurred in Vila Operaria neighborhood, while the police officer was killed in Jacarepagua neighborhood.

The investigation, conducted by the Baixada Fluminense Homicide Precinct, indicates that hooded gunmen fired in the direction of the five victims in Vila Operaria, killing three men and two women. The victims were identified as Marlon de Souza (19); Rosangela de Souza Ribeiro (49); Douglas Carneiro (35); Carla Gomes Maria (37); and Felix Fonseca da Silva (46).

While the motives of the crime are unknown, it has been revealed that a popular party known as a baile funk (funk dance) was taking place during the massacre and the participation of a militia group has not been discarded.

Brazil Military.jpg

Meanwhile, 36-year-old police sergeant Carlos Eduardo Gomes Cardoso was fatally shot during an operation in the Bateau Mouche favela.

Data released by Fogo Cruzado (Crossfire) website reveals that, during the months of February and March, 19 police officers have been killed, while 209 people have been killed by the police in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Meanwhile, the number of massacres in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has doubled since military intervention was launched on Feb. 16, according to a new report by the Intervention Observatory at Candido Mendes University.

Published Thursday, the study – ‘Aimlessly: No Program, No Results, No Direction’ – also shows that, despite federal troops patrolling the streets of Rio, the number of shootouts has also significantly increased.

Silvia Ramos, coordinator at the Intervention Observatory, said the intervention was a political decision “that spawned new problems with the presence of soldiers in the political life of Brazilians, who were hurled into the center of a scenery without solving the problem of insecurity in Rio.”

  • Germany will now train asylum seekers to become truck drivers
    Due to an acute shortage of professional truck drivers the German trucking association has launched a new project to train asylum seekers for the job, Austria’s tabloid Wochenblick reports. The project, which is named “The drive into your new future” intends to make it easier for asylum seekers to become truck drivers. In this way, [...] The post Germany will now train asylum seekers to become truck drivers appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late
    After two rape attempts in Östersund this weekend, the police urged women not to go out late. They also issued a warning that “much like this” will happen this summer, Fria Tider reports.  Two similar rape attempts took place this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Police explained the same offender could be [...] The post Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • Danish minister calls Ramadan dangerous for society
    Inger Stojberg, Denmark’s minister of immigration and integration said in a column for the BT tabloid, that Ramadan is “dangerous for all of us”. The minister of Denmark’s centre-right Liberal party advised Muslims to take time off work during the Ramadan fasting period. Stojberg emphasised the safety effect with an example of a bus driver [...] The post Danish minister calls Ramadan dangerous for society appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • AfD sues Merkel over migrant crisis: The chancellor can’t act like a dictator
    On Friday the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party announced that they have taken out a lawsuit against chancellor Angela Merkel over her decision to open Germany’s borders to refugees in 2015. Members of the AfD motivated the party’s action against Merkel in a press conference: [2:21 minutes] “The Federal Government is bound by law and order. [...] The post AfD sues Merkel over migrant crisis: The chancellor can’t act like a dictator appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • New ‘Italy First’ coalition wants to deport 500,000 migrants
    On the 18th of May, the Five Star-Movement and the League struck a deal to form a populist government. One of their government’s pledges is to deport half-a-million migrants. A few days before the deal, EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos stated that he wished Italy would “not change its migratory policy”. The government deal not [...] The post New ‘Italy First’ coalition wants to deport 500,000 migrants appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • Many European politicians are cowards who couldn’t resist the opinion of the minority, says Douglas Murray
    Many European leaders are “giving away” the continent to anyone who comes here, British journalist Douglas Murray, author of “The Strange Death of Europe,” told Hungarian public news channel M1. Murray said that many European politicians are cowards, who couldn’t resist the opinion of the minority – a striking example of Angela Merkel and her [...] The post Many European politicians are cowards who couldn’t resist the opinion of the minority, says Douglas Murray appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • Thousands of German bikers head to Berlin to protest against Merkel in show of patriotism
    Thousands of bikers held a protest in Germany’s capital Berlin today. The protest focused on Merkel’s government and the state of the country. During this show of patriotism Antifa was nowhere to be seen… Some bikers decorated their motors with German flags and headed towards Brandenburg Gate, where speeches were being held. A lot of [...] The post Thousands of German bikers head to Berlin to protest against Merkel in show of patriotism appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • Norwegian police hunt for helium balloons during national day celebrations – Greens want nationwide ban
    Norway’s Constitution Day, is the country’s biggest national holiday. After a ban was issued on helium balloons in several Norwegian towns during its celebrations, the police were busy hunting and destroying them.  Police spokesman Tor Jøkling, from Oslo, tells media outlet VG: “There were five to six episodes throughout the day in Oslo and Bærum [...] The post Norwegian police hunt for helium balloons during national day celebrations – Greens want nationwide ban appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • Hungarian DPM: Europe has become vulnerable because it lost its identity and allowed Islam to penetrate it without resistance
    Zsolt Semjen, Hungary’s deputy prime minister, called the annual pilgrimage to Csiksomlyo (Sumuleu Ciuc) in Transylvania, Romania “a spiritual powerhouse” on Saturday. “Great many Hungarians, irrespective of their religious affiliation, gather here year by year to reinforce themselves in their national identity and Christian mission,” he told reporters after the Pentecostal holy mass had been [...] The post Hungarian DPM: Europe has become vulnerable because it lost its identity and allowed Islam to penetrate it without resistance appeared first on Voice of Europe.
  • Man in his 20s becomes 65th London murder victim this year as as he is stabbed to death in south London
    A fatal stabbing has brought the capital’s 2018 murder toll to 65 people after a young man died this morning. The man – aged in his 20s – was stabbed to death in the early hours in Mitcham, south-west London. Police launched a murder investigation after officers were called at 3:29am to the Upper Green [...] The post Man in his 20s becomes 65th London murder victim this year as as he is stabbed to death in south London appeared first on Voice of Europe.

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