Islamophilia and Cultural Annihilation

One notable thing about the Government’s approach which seems to be consistently ignored is what about the complete abhorrence of certain groups such as homosexuals by Islamic doctrine?

Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP

In a letter exchange between Chimes Media CEO James Williams and his Member of Parliament, Rt. Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, it was confirmed that vigorous measures to tackle anti-Muslim hate crime are being enacted by the UK Conservative Government. This initiative is being supported by an All Party Parliamentary Group. It would appear that no attempt is being made by the Government to try to understand why so many have such grave misgivings about the Islamification of Britain and Europe nor the imposition of Sharia Law in certain areas.

When there is a potential for conflict, the civilized thing to do is to engage both sides, not just one. It is very important to involve those who carry views that oppose the intended usurpation of British culture.

Penny Mordaunt’s letter to constituent

She set out that there is a focus on five themes of countering hate:

  1. Prevention
  2. Responding in communities where there are frequent incidents
  3. Increasing reporting
  4. Improving support for victims
  5. Improving ‘our’ understanding of hate crimes

One notable thing about the Government’s approach which seems to be consistently ignored is what about the complete abhorrence of certain groups such as homosexuals by Islamic doctrine?

Brunei has recently made homosexuality and adulatory capital crimes. The outraged directed at this small state is somewhat faux as there are already severe penalties available to a number of more powerful states who attract very little animosity for doing so. Ironically, all of them are Islamic.

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James Williams mashes Nigel Farage over his criticism of Tommy Robinson

James Williams mashes Nigel Farage Chimes Media founder, James Williams, mashes Nigel Farage over the latter’s criticism of Tommy Robinson. Working class hero, Tommy Robinson who stands up for the forgotten and ignored. Tommy Robinson speaks out against the malevolence and intent of Islam while Nigel Farage avoids even saying the word “Islam”.

Libertarian Support Tommy Robinson

Many of the people supporting Tommy Robinson are libertarians, not Far Rightist. Standing against the people are the political classes; the legal establishment and the media. Mr. Farage sides with them. He displays his class prejudice by attacking Tommy Robinson. By calling Tommy Robinson stupid and not very bright he decries those who look to Tommy Robinson as their voice. Nigel Farage should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Tommy Robinson to defend free speech. Nigel Farage should also be more prominent in condemning the wide-scale harm being done to our children and the Islamification of Britain. [wpvideo 1fdJAnNN]]]>

Tommy Robinson Defies UK Government attack on Free Speech

In Defence of Free Speech at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London 18th March 2018 These films were aimed at showing what happens at Speaker’s Corner. Some of the participants who stand on boxes and ladders to ‘sing’ out what they have to say are recorded, but also, if you listen you can pick up on snippets of conversations as the camera passes by. It was never envisaged that recording of Tommy Robinson’s rendition  of Martin Sellner’s speech would be possible. For that, more closely positioned recording devices would do a better job than what I could do. 

  1.   Pre-Departure to London
    [wpvideo U1IbTbsu]   2.   The Build Up to Tommy Robinson’s Arrival   3.  Tommy Robinson delivers Martin Sellner’s Prevented Speech   4.  In the Crowd During the Speech (Speech not audible)   5.  Aftermath of Tommy Robinson’s Appearance   6.  Muslims handing out literature challenged in heated exchange   [wpvideo v4zwJeNo]   7.  Woman in Niqab gives an amusing tirade against “wearing Stone Age clothes!”   [wpvideo n41fGIOj]   7.  Muslim Men call to Prayer at Speaker’s Corner   [wpvideo HW0M9WIe]]]>

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