Most Corrupt UK Government

Tommy Robinson is charged for causing anxiety to a convicted paedophile by talking to him while outside Leeds Crown Court. This paedophile is Muslim, along with several other of his male friends who engaged in systematic rape of white underage girls on an industrial scale.

This UK Government has got to be the most corrupt of its kind in modern times.

Tommy Robinson

The UK Government has been colluding with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to remove Tommy Robinson from all platforms of communication with the public. They held on to this intention for a retrial for contempt of court for 5 months. This delay is more than a little ironic as it coincides with Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) campaign to be elected to the European Union Parliament.

The UK’s legal puppets have now scheduled his full trial to 4th June which should be the day he enters the parliament and gets sworn in as a Member.

His charge is that he caused anxiety to a convicted paedophile by talking to him while outside Leeds Crown Court. This paedophile is Muslim, along with several other of his male friends who engaged in systematic rape of white underage girls on an industrial scale. These disgusting crimes went on for many years and neither the police nor the local authorities did anything to intervene.

Notably, the local authority was Labour controlled and, it took many years before the media ever reported on these atrocities. By the time it got a mention, the number of victims had run into several thousands and some of these cases involved murder and forced slavery too.

It should also be pointed out that Sikh girls had also been targeted by Muslim paedophiles, so when people took to the streets, Sikhs were very supportive.

Old Bailey

Malpractice List (to be completed)

For starters, this list is not exhaustive so see if you can add more of your own.

  1. Highly censorious – working with media and big tech to curtail freedom of speech.
  2. Malicious prosecutions of targeted individuals e.g. Tommy Robinson and Count Dankula, plus many thousands of ordinary citizens who say the wrong things, such as miss gendering someone.
  3. Ignoring legal process – Tommy Robinson arrested convicted and sentenced in hours without a proper defence or a trial.
  4. Illegal detention of Julian Assange
  5. Engaging in nefarious activities to interfere with the 2016 US Presidential elections.

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Break the Mainstream Media control over your mind! Most people are shackled like zombies to their lies and selective bias. Stop paying the BBC licence fee and stop buying their crummy newspapers. Starve them of their funding just as they try to do to dissenters like Tommy Robinson.

The banning of Tommy Robinson from Facebook, Instagram (and one of his books on Amazon) came within 24 hours of his expose of the morally bankrupt BBC and their allies in the Mainstream Media (which is just about all of them).

Use of the term Far Right is a warning you are about to be subjected to propaganda

Long before Tommy Robinson hit the scene I, and other associates, had been battling the BBC for many years over their indifference and misrepresentation of men and boys by the media in favour of Marxist feminist doctrine. Men’s rights advocates have consistently been labelled as right wing extremist types and misogynists. The Marxist element insists on breaking up groups into oppressors and oppressed. To them, and with few exceptions, men are oppressors and women the oppressed. This view has been held with cult-like intensity in spite of a mountain of evidence disproving the theory.

The BBC has done very little to diffuse this concept. In fact advocates who courageously stepped forward to argue the case that men suffered every bit as badly as women in domestic abuse and even worse in terms of the justice system, homelessness and education would find themselves outnumbered 3 to 1 on panel discussions and TV sofa chats.

Tommy Robinson came in from a different angle. He saw the Islamification of Britain by mass migration as a serious threat to British culture and to non-Muslim citizens. Again, the model of Marxist thinking rears its ugly head since the media has nurtured the view that Muslims are the oppressed class while white males, such as Tommy Robinson, are the oppressors. The British establishment determined that Tommy Robinson posed a serious threat to their domination of public institutions and the media and, just as importantly, people’s thoughts. He did so by revealing what lies and propaganda are used to deceive and mind control the British public. He had to be silenced and killed if necessary to shut him up.

On Saturday 23rd February, he turned the tables on them. He had been the target of a hit-piece documentary by BBC’s flagship program Panorama. In his documentary, Panodrama, he used plants and hidden cameras to expose just how corrupt, racist, devious and contemptuous the BBC are towards ordinary, working class people.

His efforts demonstrated just how ideologically driven the BBC and the MSM really are. They are not honest journalists objectively reporting the news as it happens. Instead, they are more akin to political activists. What his expose also revealed was that big media and tech corporations are working hand in hand with each other to control and direct propaganda in a deliberate attempt to misinform and silence wrongthink.

Interestingly enough, the book that was banned off of Amazon was Mohammed’s Koran which is a critical look at Muslim’s holy book. What is more, one of the main executioners in banning Tommy Robinson was Muslim activist, Mohammed Shafiq, who is in the pay of BBC but also was able to get immediate access to Facebook executives and get another person banned. Can anyone do this to anyone else? The action has revealed how much in bed the establishment is with each other and how little ordinary people mean to them (apart from taking their money).

Break their control over your mind! Most people are shackled like zombies to their lies and selective bias. Stop paying the licence fee and stop buying their crummy newspapers. Starve them of their funding just as they try to do to dissenters like Tommy Robinson. They fear us, but they are utterly ruthless and pathological. They have been shown to be physically dangerous. There is supposedly no death penalty in the UK, but the state will withdraw protection, especially from political prisoners, making undesirable vulnerable to violence in prison. They will encourage violence by zombified gangs on peaceful protesters. They carry out brutal police raids on those who say the wrong thing or think wrongly. Meanwhile they have ignored and covered up for the rape of children. It is time they were shut down and put out of business. They are not our friends, but our thought managers. While they have their power, there is no real freedom of speech.


CHIMES MEDIA SUBMITS LETTER OF PROTEST Chimes Media Editor, James Williams, submitted a letter of complaint about the psychological torture of Tommy Robinson whilst being supposedly under the care of Her Majesty’s prison service. Tommy looked like someone who had been intercepted while being transported to Stalin’s Gulag. This is a shameful disgrace and not a proud day for Britain. That being said, but the howling toadies of the ‘Humanitarian’ Left and Media, eager to smear him as much as possible while showing no interest in his obviously gaunt physical state speaks volumes.

This is a copy of the letter sent to Right Honourable Penny Mordaunt MP for Portsmouth North:

Dear Penny, VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS – Tommy Robinson Having seen film of political prisoner Tommy Robinson following his release from prison, my first impression of him was how thin he looked. Apparently, he lost 40lbs in weight during his illegal incarceration and torture. I am genuinely shocked and outraged with the manner of his treatment. He looked like a POW from Vietnam. The concerns listed here are not exhaustive and I appreciate it will take some time to answer as it is not you who is personally responsible. • The British establishment are supposed to have a duty of care, so why was this not provided for Tommy Robinson? • Did any doctor examine him during his imprisonment? If they did they should be fired for gross negligence. Prisoners held in solitary are supposed to be reviewed by the Governor and Health care specialists and an independent monitor. Did this happen at all? • Did a Governor visit Tommy on a daily basis? • It is known that men held in solitary confinement for more than a week suffer mental deterioration. Why was nothing done to alter this state such as moving Tommy to a safer prison? • After 42 days in solitary the case is supposed to be reviewed by a regional director. Did that happen? • Tommy was improperly arrested, convicted, tried, sentenced and tortured in prison. Every step of the way he was improperly treated. Why was this allowed to happen and why did nobody intervene? Where were the checks and balances? • Did Leeds (judge, police, anyone) consult with London over Tommy Robinson’s presence outside the court? It took 1.5 hours before he was arrested. This is sufficient time for someone in Whitehall or wherever to arrive in their office, process the information and give instructions on what to do. I and, I suspect, many thousands of people across the world have copies of the Appeal Court’s ruling. It is a revelation of appalling failures, outright dereliction of duties, law and human rights abuse. There should be an independent public enquiry into the way Tommy was treated. • It is global public knowledge that the US Ambassador spoke with the UK Ambassador about Tommy Robinson’s predicament with the threat that if the UK Government did not take action then the US would denounce the May Government. Can you confirm this is the case? • The 13 month sentence was shocking. There has never been a journalist thrown in prison since the 1940s. A sense of proportion should have been retained. It should not have been given in such a short time to allow the court to reflect soberly. Is Judge Jeffrey Marsden acted negligently in his duties? Was personal prejudice a factor? • In the private sector, there would be a consideration of criminal negligence as the sentence and subsequent treatment put a man’s life and health at considerable risk. The impression that decisions over his life came from a senior authority. Were national security elements involved? Whose decision was it to move Tommy from a relatively safe prison (Hull) to one where he was under daily threats and held in conditions that even prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are not subjected to? • Was the transfer an excuse to place him in solitary confinement for over 23 hours per day so that he could be tortured? • On Tommy’s medical record, it was recorded that after his previous incarceration he had suffered Post Traumatic Stress. Why was this not taken into consideration when he was being locked up or, was it because of this he was moved to Onley? • Shortly after his arrest for alleged breach of the peace (even though there was nobody else around to offend), Tommy’s lawyer was advised that he was due to be released. Subsequent to that advice, Tommy was spirited out the back door and charged for a different offence i.e. contempt of court. Was this a deliberate deception to deny him proper legal counsel? • Tommy’s cell door was left unlocked by his jailers “accidentally” on three occasions, putting him at a real risk of violence. Why did this happen? Has the prison governor explained why his staff did this? • Other prisoners regularly went to Tommy’s ground floor cell, and shouted at him through the flap of his door. This was permitted by the prison authorities. This is psychological torture. Why did the prison authorities allow this? • The window in Tommy’s cell opened opposite the prison mosque, so other prisoners would file passed it. He was unable to leave this open during the stifling heat of a hot summer because other prisoners would throw faeces and spit through it. This is psychological torture. Why was this permitted by the prison authorities? • His meals were apparently prepared by other prisoners. He could not see if anything had been put in them. Another prisoner would present him with a plate of ‘food’ at his door and say “Hope you enjoy your meal, Tommy.” Consequently, he could not eat it. Why were meals being prepared for an at-risk prisoner by the very people who wanted to kill him? • Why was Tommy denied more than £12 allowance per week which he had to spend on food? • Tommy was living out of tins of tuna (1 per day). That is why he lost so much weight. If he had not been release when he had, he would have suffered severe physical problems from malnutrion. Why did nobody in the prison report this as a matter of concern? Where was the medical care? • His ‘exercise time’ consisted of walking around a wire cage alone and with no one to talk to. Being in solitary confinement for extended periods is completely inhuman and against basic human rights especially for prisoners who have not caused any disturbance. Was this due to a deliberate program of psychological torture being actioned? • Tommy was only allowed to phone home during the lunch hour, so he was unable to speak with his children as they were at school. This appears to be an arbitrary and punitive decision by the prison. Why? • Tommy saw his family for two one hour periods in two months. As a former sailor, I know what it feels like to be separated from family. Does this point need a question? • He would receive ‘intelligence’ information that his wife and children were being threatened with acid attacks and that the police were in attendance at his home address. This poured more psychological anxiety into his already dire conditions as he was powerless to do anything. There is also no way of knowing that the ‘intelligence’ was genuine. The Leeds Crown Court proceedings were lacerated by the Appeal Court: • The court agrees that the judge should not have commenced the hearing of contempt proceedings that day. • Once the appellant had removed the video from Facebook, there was no longer sufficient urgency to justify immediate proceedings. In those circumstances it would have been preferable to adjourn, as had happened in the Canterbury proceedings. • No particulars of the contempt were formulated or put to the appellant. There was a muddle over the nature of the contempt being considered. In both the short explanation given by the judge of the general nature of the alleged contempt and the sentencing remarks, there was reference to matters that could not been a breach of the section 4(2) order. • The failure to follow Part 48 Crim PR was more than technical [66]. There was no clarity about what the appellant was admitting or on what basis he was being sentenced. • Finally, further difficulties arose from the limited opportunity that counsel had to investigate mitigation. There was little else which counsel could have done within the constraints under which he was working. The level of detail which could be provided to the court was very limited and there was no opportunity to obtain character references. A sense of proportion must be retained. Where a custodial term of considerable length is being imposed, it should not usually occur so quickly after the conduct which is complained of; a sentence of committal to immediate custody had been pronounced within five hours of the conduct taking place. • The order at Leeds Crown Court was also erroneously drawn up to suggest the appellant had been convicted of a criminal offence rather than having been committed for contempt of court. Errors like this have serious consequences upon the classification of prisoners, resulting in the deprivation of privileges and release on licence. In this case, it also resulted in the erroneous imposition of a victim surcharge. I have to ask who was responsible for this travesty? Did Judge Jeffrey Marsden act unilaterally or was he under the guidance from higher authority such as the Home Secretary, MI5, or even the Prime Minister herself? Given that Mrs. May has treated her fellow ministers with contempt over Brexit, she has a record of undue interference and underhanded tactics. I am disturbed by the paltry number of politicians who have taken up Tommy Robinson’s case. Does this current batch of politicians truly represent the interests of the working class or have they become so detached and corrupt of mind that they have no idea what ordinary people want and are concerned with? Labour, in particular, used to acclaim themselves as the party for the working classes. It seems not anymore. Tommy Robinson, to many I have met and spoken with, symbolizes the image of a working class hero. By contrast, the elites (political cohort, upper classes, main stream media) look down their nose at him while turning away from the atrocities of child rape in their own communities. What utter scoundrels! There is a sustained and orchestrated attack on free speech supported by the elites using highly dubious, subjective and contentious hate speech laws; the persecution of those who dare to speak up and the attempt to shut down and control the free exchange of data on the internet. Do you realize that if you kill off free speech, then you drive away investment? I have seen predictions that the UK’s economic position in the world will slip to below 20th in a few years time. This is not because of Brexit, but because of red tape and the image of an oppressive government. It is astonishing to see that what Tony Blair started a Conservative administration will complete. I have seen a rating of 16% for May’s version of Brexit. She has to go. This Government (and the Opposition) have brought the UK into disrepute by the abuse of Tommy Robinson in front of the whole world. Gag orders and attacks on internet information only make things worse. Please notethat Facebook and Twitter values have been plummeting recently because there are alternatives now available and people are switching. You people do not seem to understand. You have lost control and you are not getting it back while you continue to act like fascists. By the way, I am sure you know, that fascism and the Nazis came from the Left. Both the Conservatives and the Republican Parties have endured being wrongly labelled as these odious types for generations. Is it not time the education establishments taught the truth? Benito Mussolini called the Italian army: “a criminal organization designed to protect capitalism and bourgeois society.” That is the language of a Communist not a Conservative. Yours sincerely James Williams [simple-payment id=”918″] [contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Comment” type=”textarea” required=”1″ /][/contact-form]]]>

The Attack on Freedom

To focus on solely on the police and authorities as the ones attacking our freedoms is to miss the multi-vector mode of this attack. It is coming through mass illegal migration. It is coming from attempts to force integration of peoples that are in conflict with each other and who many are diametrically opposed to Western culture, including freedom of speech and expression. It is also coming from the insidious division between groups into multiple definitions of identity where there is always an oppressor group versus an oppressed group. French Riots Two French fans die as violence erupts across the country after World Cup win over Croatia. Celebrations turned into widespread rioting, looting and ugly clashes with cops who deployed tear gas to try to control the unrest.

In South Korea, more than 700,000 people signed a petition calling on the government to expel about 1,000 Yemenis from the island of Jeju who had arrived unexpectedly and then applied for refugee status.

Political prisoner, Tommy Robinson, remains in prison at HMP Onley after three senior judges, including the top judge for England and Wales, Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett, considered his appeal after the draconian arrest and his imprisonment from outside of Leeds Crown Court a few weeks ago. There were many procedural anomalies found in his case including the lack of due process and severity of sentence. The judges were sympathetic to Tommy Robinson’s appeal, but retired to consider it and said they would have a decision by the end of July.

In London, the Metropolitan Police were found to have failed to properly record 100,000 crimes in a year. The report from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) said this included offences involving domestic abuse and violence. The Met Police release a gif simply explaining what they mean by hate speech. It used to be just common assault, now it’s called hate if it is directed against a particular group identity. Hate is an emotional response and thus a subjective reaction to something or someone. You will need a psychologist to determine that you hate. Are the Met Police or any authorities trying to claim they know what you are thinking?


During A Free Tommy Rally in London on 9th June 2018, a Labour Party thug attacked Chimes Media reporter, blocking his camera, trying to grab at it and making bodily contact.   [wpvideo rNQF2N6Z]   STATEMENT NOTED DOWN SHORTLY AFTER THE INCIDENT FROM JAMES WILLIAMS: “THE GUY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND MADE RIGHT FOR ME. HE WAVED A HAND IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA AND TRIED TO GRAB IT. I TURNED TO AVOID HIM AND HE MADE PHYSICAL CONTACT. “HE HAD AT LEAST ONE ACCOMPLICE WITH HIM AND HELD A PINT OF BEER IN A PLASTIC CUP AND CAME ONTO ME A SECOND TIME. I WAS EXPECTING HIM TO THROW IT OVER ME. THEN, HE STARTED HURLING ABUSE AND VULGARITIES TRYING TO PROVOKE A FIGHT. IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A GOOD MOVE AS HE HAD WITNESSES ON HIS SIDE SO I MOVED AWAY AND HE CONTINUED HIS ABUSE AS I CROSSED THE ROAD TO RE-POSITION AT THE ENTRANCE OF WHITEHALL TO CARRY ON FILMING.” [gallery ids="35806,35807" type="rectangular"] COMMENT You never know where and when you are going to meet these characters. In my youth, I was a Labour Party activist operating in Lincolnshire. I felt I was supporting a moral cause to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged. I did not encounter the ‘hostiles’ until after I moved to Portsmouth and began engaging there. It’s a long story, but I found certain senior officials wanted to vet you. These were not appointed officials. I had this in Lincolnshire as well as in Portsmouth, perhaps it was a way of looking for compliant types and leaders? Labour Thug4 All I will say is that the guy who attacked in Trafalgar Square, wore a fixed smile as you will see from the film. Having studied the behaviour of psychopaths and how they behave, the ‘fixed smile’ is how they present themselves. It is a smile that indicates their own belief in their own superiority. Could he be one of the 1%? On a chance encounter, it is not possible to verify but, out of all the thousands of people around, he singled me out for attention in the same way a predator would do; just as a psychopath would do. I was separate from the herd and alone and I was unsuspecting.]]>