Iran – The Cry for Democracy

NCRI – Resistance Against Tyranny On a chance encounter, I was in London on 5th January 2019 and came across a peaceful demonstration by the NCRI in Whitehall across the road from Downing Street. I don’t often go to London, but when I do go, there is usually something of interest and peculiarity to see. Demonstrations in this location are quite common and take place for all sorts of reasons, but this group seem to have a moral edge to it. NCRI stands for the National Council of Resistance of Iran and basically want the establishment of democracy to replace the corrupt and tyrannous rule of the Islamic despots. that currently reign there. According to their explanatory leaflet, they are formed from a broad coalition of democratic organizations, groups and personalities that were founded in Tehran in 1981 by Massoud Rajavi. They make up the Iranian Resistance in opposition to the theocratic dictatorship in Iran.  They boast to having about 500 members and act as a parliament in exile who believe in a secular republic i.e. the separation of Church and State. Maryam Rajavi is their elected leader and is regarded as Iran’s President-Elect. It cannot be ignored that US economic sanctions are having a detrimental effect on the Iranian economy, but for those who are able to look at things without Trump derangement syndrome clouding their judgement, the US administration were quite right to stop paying ‘financial tribute’ to a regime as malevolent as the Mullah’s tyranny. Hundreds have died through the despotic acts of the tyrannical clerics of Iran. Among those that have been slain, Maryam Rajavi has lost two sisters to conflict. The first was executed under the Shah’s rule in the 1970s and the second died under torture while eight months pregnant in 1982. Maryam’s husband, Massoud Izadkhah, was also executed along with many others due to the brutal purge of dissidents by the Ayatollah Khomeini. She escaped to France in 1982 or would have probably followed her husband to the grave.   I will place the pages of their brochure here and the video will follow. However, I feel I should highlight the serious and dangerous life the NCRI’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, has had. Should the Mullahs fall and democracy is established in Iran, there is every prospect that she will be the interim president for a transitional period.

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The NCRI Story

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2 thoughts on “Iran – The Cry for Democracy”

    1. I am currently quite sad about what is happening to Iran. Iranians I have met have been intelligent and vibrant people with a good sense of humour. I am not a fan of Islam because those who control the faith do so to the detriment of the people. Iranians have a fantastic history and culture. They have much to offer the world in the future, but they can only do so when they are free. i hope you are not offended by my opinion.

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