Cygnets Jumping off Bridge

Big days happen in nature as they do with humans. Overcoming fear and anxiety in the face of challenge enables us to move on and to mature.

This opportune video is priceless. To see how Mum and Dad supervise their little darlings and how nervous they are for their big leap reaches out to those of us who have the capacity for empathy. We could be the cygnet, especially the last one to go who has serious doubts about following their siblings.

Big days happen in nature as they do with humans. Overcoming fear and anxiety in the face of challenge enables us to move on and to mature.

As humans, we often will fret and worry about what we are having to face, but we are no different from other creatures in that respect. In fact, by observing and learning to respect other animals, whether they be mammals, birds or insects, we can perhaps gain by realizing that we are very much connected and not so arrogantly superior as we might think.

One way of looking at things is to realize that, as we share the same universe, we are essentially sibling creatures that occupy a different shape and form.

Weird Underwater Phenomena

Alien spacecraft 140,000 year old Alien Ship An object straight out of Star Wars was discovered by Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg’s crew at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Dating techniques suggest it’s 140,000 years old! Many believe it to be remnants of a UFO crash.    

Strange sounds

Lava in Water A distinct, unidentifiable sound was recorded by scientists in 1991. Since its first recording, ‘the sound’ has been detected in areas all across the Pacific Ocean. Scientists believe it is the sound of lava coming into contact with ocean water, but they just aren’t sure.   [audio src=""][/audio]

Real-life sea monsters

Great White Shark Recently, a 9 foot-long great white shark’s tag washed up onto the shore, bloody and battered. Scientists concluded that the shark was eaten by an unknown, larger sea creature.
  •  Comment: This one I remember from a few years back. The scientists monitoring I believe said that the shark had been swimming within about 30 feet of the surface and suddenly took a massive dive into the depths well below its normal range. The suggestion was that a giant squid may have grabbed it.
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