More Trees than 20 Years Ago

NASA Happily Reports the Earth is Greener, with More Trees than 20 Years Ago

By Joe Martino edited by James Williams  

Reflect On:

Amidst the climate alarmism that is sometimes misplaced, there are stories that paint a different picture. Why are we only getting the ‘bad news’ stories about the climate all the time? Is it politically convenient? Does it fit narratives? Is it always true? Are we only being told one side? Are we meant to remain in fear?

The Facts:

  • Thanks to China and India, human-induced ‘greening’ has increased by 5% across the Earth!
  • A published in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate showed that climate models exaggerate global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%.
  • Another study in the journal Nature Geoscience confirmed that climate models were faulty. As one of the authors put it, “We haven’t seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models.”
  • Findings fromthe University of Alabama-Huntsville showed that the Earth’s atmosphere appears to be less sensitive to changing CO2 levels than previously assumed.

Polar Bears:

According to data collected by the US federal government, polar bears along the entire west coast of Baffin Island are ‘stable.’ On the south-eastern side of the island (around the Nunavut capital of Iqaluit) polar bears have even experienced a ‘likely increase.’ It is only on the island’s north-eastern corner — in a management area that meets Greenland — that polar bears are suspected to be in decline.

Greener World

From the topic of this article, our world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago to data from NASA satellites with the cause being accredited to human-induced activity in China and India. The point highlighted here is what we hear in the media is typically only one side of the picture which does not give an accurate representation of what is going on. For years now, Collective-Evolution has been reporting on environmental issues from a grounded perspective. Looking at data, looking beyond the politics and simply at what’s happening. This approach shows you things are troubling in certain areas like pollution, air quality, EMF exposure and so forth, but the number one climate story we always hear about, C02 warming the atmosphere, simply does not hold water from the perspectives of many scientists and it hasn’t for the 10 years we have been reporting on it. I (Joe Martino) recall a conversation I had with Gregg Braden where we were discussing research about the climate and what the data is TRULY showing. Amidst all the C02 alarmism I asked “Gregg… it appears to me that it’s more likely we’re headed into a global cooling period than a warming period.” He responded with “that’s precisely what the data shows, and it appears humanity is suffering from amnesia when it comes to the cycles of climate.”

The bottom line is, the majority don’t know the truth and the news is actually a lot better than what we’re being told. The challenge is, it’s more beneficial for power structures and business to keep us in fear.


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Banning of Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens Non Visit to Portsmouth University Sunday Mail columnist and author, Peter Hitchens was barred from giving a speech at Portsmouth University on Tuesday 12th February 2019. He had been prepared to make the two hour journey to Portsmouth at his own expense and not even charge a fee. However, the snowflakes of the LGBT+ community at the university decided that he had made unacceptable comments in the past about LGBT matters and, as they had just completed their pride month to celebrate themselves, his presence would not be appreciated.

Attack on Free Speech

They did not tell him specifically that he had been barred, but that his event had been ‘delayed’; i.e. postponed. In Peter Hitchens’ eloquent words: “…the truth is that they stopped the event because they don’t like my opinions. That proves they cannot be trusted with freedom of speech. They came up with one pretext for policing thought and imposing censorship this time. They are equally capable of coming up with another, whenever required.”         [caption id="attachment_46711" align="alignright" width="300"] Eden Ladley[/caption]   As he pointed out to Eden Ladley, the LGBT+ officer for the Portsmouth Students Union (UPSU), the delay was a human decision, not one brought on by physical barriers such as structural failure in the building.         He went on to say: “I suspect that many students have far too few chances to hear views that are different from the standard-issue conformist Leftism that is their normal diet. What upsets me about this ban is that it is a general menace to freedom of speech, thought and assembly.There were two petitions over whether Peter Hitchens should attend. 129 said he should not and 55 said he should. This is out of a student population of 23,000 which means only 0.8% participation and I am fairly sure that the vast majority of the students were never consulted. I am wholly in agreement with Peter Hitchens. He is a superb and entertaining speaker who loves debate. It is a huge loss to those students who are still free thinkers, but Leftist ideologues always act as though they have the authority to speak for all when they have no such mandate. It belies their authoritarian conviction in their own self-righteousness an is indicative of a pernicious form of narcissism. I have many issues with Peter Hitchens, but free speech is not one of them. Free speech is about the right to risk offence. It is not hate speech even though some may think it is. From UPSU’s comments on the subject, they clearly do not understand the concept.

The Video

Peter Hitchens – another Fake News Journalist

I used to be a huge fan of Peter Hitchen, but he has long since fallen off the pedestal that I once placed him on. I found that his opinionated views on President Trump and Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) along with his failure to highlight the massive problem with high level incompetence and criminal activities, which are bringing western countries to their knees, smack of being complicit to the gross treason of leaders to towards the people they are supposed to represent. Peter Hitchens arrogantly proclaims that people can either follow him or Tommy Robinson and condemns those who would choose the latter. Personally, I am not impressed with mandatory directives. It is the likes of Tommy Robinson who have brought the subject of mass violence inflicted on children in the UK to the fore. He was the one who stood against the abuse that our soldiers endured on their return from campaigns abroad. He did so in the face of cynical criticism from the media.  Peter Hitchens, as with the rest of the privileged clan of journalists, says nothing and offers nothing. All he does is sneer at the messenger of the inferior social class. Peter Hitchens is not the one picking up the pieces of their lives after their teenage son has been run down by an Islamic thug. Tommy Robinson is boots on the ground and reporting it. Peter Hitchens’ has proven to be unreliable as an ally as highlighted by James Delingpole (Breitbart). He has been bewilderingly two-faced on Brexit – showing glowing happiness that people voted for it and then criticising the outcome. I am drawn to the conclusion that Peter Hitchens is an Oxbridge post-graduate snob. In spite of his seemingly controversial views, he belongs to an intellectual elite that look down their noses at the rest of us. He thinks he knows more than he does, but is detached from the sufferings of ordinary people. To his class, people like Donald Trump and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon are regarded as impudent and vulgar upstarts that should have no place in the corridors of power. The fact that the reason why we are in such a mess today, with white girls being molested on an industrial scale, is because elitist snobs like Peter Hitchens, say nothing and do nothing. One invective against Trump becoming President was that he was not qualified (as if you had to have some sort of certificate). By claiming this he implies that Hillary Clinton would be better. His obliviousness of her many high level crimes is plain to see as might be the case for those who live closeted lives. The thousands of deaths (including multiple murders) that lay squarely at Clinton’s door would make the Emperor Caligula look like a traffic warden by comparison. Trump has something like 75 structures erected across the globe. That took a lot of negotiating and a lot of understanding of foreign countries. May be that is why he got the red carpet treatment when he went to China (unlike Obama)? Trump has been bringing the prospect of real peace in Korea. He has enriched and seriously helped the American working classes. [caption id="attachment_46714" align="alignleft" width="300"] Out of Touch[/caption] Peter Hitchens chooses not to see these things, but clings to his arrogant, filtered view of things. It is clear from his comments that he does not know what is going on in the world. He says on his spat with UPSU: “This is what is coming. It begins like this, and it ends with arrests of dissidents at four in the morning, conducted by people who are quite sure that what they are doing is right.” These things are happening now! Tommy Robinson is not the only casualty of fascist weaponizing of the law against dissenters. It has been happening to hundreds of ordinary folk who mis-gender people or who express ‘wrong think’ or who have decried Islam. Police have already been turning up to snatch free thinking people from their homes.

Nail in the Coffin

A cross party group of MPs is drawing up legislation to make criticism of Islam a crime. With this, it can confidently be assumed that Free Speech is dead in the UK and where are the elitist media? In his criticism of Tommy Robinson he refers to a “very well researched article” by one of his Mail colleagues. The article is full of pejorative terms that detract from any hope of objective reporting. Peter Hitchens aligns himself with bilge like this. He is an enjoyable person to listen to and has a lot to say, but there is no substance to his words.

Peter Hitchens has allowed himself to become as much Fake News as the others in his Oxford intellectuals.

Journalism is in the sewer as many reporters live in different circles to the rest of us. Peter Hitchens should be in the vanguard to restore trust and truth, but instead wallows in the mud of deceit like the rest of his cohort. Why should anybody follow him or any other elitist?]]>


The Video (more dialogue beneath)

Big Tech and Wrong-think

In Big Tech, internet services provided by mega companies like Google and Apple have led to many people becoming dependent on them in a variety of ways. They enable people to showcase creative content; to run businesses and to exchange personal messages. However, as the saying goes “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” and so it is that the assault on free speech and the shutting down of alternative views is well underway. Many hundreds have found themselves being demonetized, de-platformed and even banned for simply saying the wrong thing or holding the wrong views. In London alone, people have been arrested and charged with the offence of “Hate Speech” because they said the wrong thing. It makes you wonder if any of those executing these policies have read any history books or George Orwell. Worryingly, it is not just the wroth of censorship that wrong-thinkers are having to cope with. I will call them “Dissidents” because that is effectively what they are. Dissidents can now find themselves ‘hunted down’, doxed (having personal details published for all to see); their children risk being removed from their care. They can also their jobs and be declined employment. The concept of free speech is hanging by a thread and even those who never publish a word on the internet, find themselves fearful of expressing their views to colleagues, friends and family in case there are repercussions from word of their hate-think being found out.

Hurricane Lantern

[caption id="attachment_46676" align="alignleft" width="169"] Hurricane Lantern[/caption] Recently, I went in search of an oil-fired Hurricane lantern. Like most people, my household has become increasingly reliant on electricity (in its various delivery forms). The flick of a switch has become so customary that it is hard to live a day without the marvels and comfort that electricity brings. A hurricane lantern does not just emit good light, it is also a rudimentary provider of heat. It is safer than candles since the flame is enclosed. It is light and easy to use and you can adjust the wick to increase or decrease luminosity. The point of it is that it is largely independent of centrally controlled power and heat. I eventually found what I was looking for on Ebay for a price of just £7.39 (which included shipping costs). The problem came when I tried to pay for it. My trusty Barclay’s Debit card was rejected with no explanation given. A polite Ebay helper phoned me up, but was unable to resolve the problem. He suggested that I contact my bank, but revealed that Pay Pal processed card payments, even though I had deliberately avoided using Pay Pal on the payment options. A few weeks earlier I had cancelled my Pay Pal account and told them that I did not agree with their policy of compelling censorship of individuals that did not meet their version of ethical standards i.e. having non-left-wing views. To me financial organizations should not indulge in political sanctioning. To do so, smacks of real fascism and is extremely sinister for me, especially since I was brought up in a household that had been intimately affected by two world wars.

Cashless Society

There are moves afoot to turn our society into a cashless one where payments will be made through bank transactions, phone apps and cards. That is now, but it does not stop there because already the use of microchip technology has been introduced to workers in Sweden. Some workers have already agreed to having a rice-grain sized micro-chip planted in the web of skin between forefinger and thumb. It allows them access through certain doors and can be used to operate cars. How wonderfully convenient for consumers and workers! However, it is also wonderfully convenient for unscrupulous control by totalitarians who can turn off your access to resources on the whims of their desires. Dissident tongues in China are already suffering due to Government controlled sanctions provided by Google-type technology, and that is without any implants. It does not take a genius to work out where this leads to.

Real Bigotry

[caption id="attachment_46677" align="alignleft" width="300"] Calling out the real bigots[/caption] We are tracked every second of every day. While most people are harmless sheeple they are only regarded as such if they conform. Make an error of judgement such as overstay your time in a parking bay or mutter some ‘hate speech’ phrase under your breath and expect to suffer the oppression of a weaponized legal system brought to bear. You do not even have to have done anything wrong. By existing as a white male, you can find yourself marginalized by an increasingly corrupt anti-human system with its army of humanoid bots. The hostility that is being fostered against this sexual and racial group has disturbing similarities to what the Jews in Nazi Germany faced. White males are being denigrated as being privileged (even those born poor and raised by a single mother in the backstreets of Sheffield). This blatant policy of racial and gender hatred is being driven by an extremely pernicious group of actual privileged and bigoted people who have wormed their way into positions of influence and power in government and industry. It means the poor white boy from Sheffield can expect to be denied what few opportunities may have been available. He can expect to be skipped over in job applications or made to stand at the back of the queue if he needs help.

Gloomy Future

If a revolution would provide us with hope and the possibility of respite, then it looks like that time is long past. Gloomy and miserable a picture I may be painting, but I fear that we humans are in terminal decline and the humans that are becoming more prevalent have a tendency to be more narcissistic, less informed and with more of a leaning towards egotistically driven violence. To talk is to risk condemnation for wrong-think and so no one talks. This kind of population replacement inhibits the desire to work out differences and to find working solutions. Instead, of tolerance and diversity of thought, we are forced to adopt ill-considered dictates that ignore reason, evidence and reality. It stands to destroy all that was ever good because of lacking the capacity to understand it. The arrogant new age controllers who believe they know the truth of things while worshiping delusion, want gratification now, not because they need it, but because it is what their infantile minds demand. They lack the ability and patience to create, design and construct. Instead, they are addicted to the dopamine hits they get from destruction, the power they wield and the harm of those most of whom they do not even know. Regrettably that mindset will be the death of us all, including all other life forms.

Survival Preparation

It may seem like paranoia but, if you have not already started then you need to get ready for the time when the electricity fails; the money supply dries up; the thought police come to your home; your food supply becomes prohibitively expensive and rarefied. You need to prepare for survival, including having adequate defence and protection for your person, your family and your essential supplies. We should all be striving to establish an independent resource supply, but we also need a strategy for it to have a chance of working. It is too late when you have invaders, who may well be psychopathic, and you are having to beg for their mercy while they plunder your precious resources and harm your loved ones. We need to diversify as many aspects of our lives as possible, so that we are not beholden to those who mean us ill while masquerading as our friends.]]>


When you step out of your front door and walk away from your home, you often have no idea where you might end up or what you will find. So, one Saturday morning I went on a venture to London and when you go there, you invariably find something of interest. I was passing through Parliament Square, across the road from the Houses of Parliament and I discovered a group of black African people gathering Some of them had flags and on the flags was the name “Ambazonia”. As a journalist I took pictures.                     Less than an hour after that, I came across them again. Many were strewn across Whitehall outside of Downing Street and stopping traffic.

Please watch the video.

The New State of Ambazonia

The new name, Ambazonia, is derived from the name of the bay on their coastline, Ambas Bay and has also been referred to as being Amba Land. It is situated in the South West of Cameroon and is mainly English speaking as was the North of the country which became a part of Nigeria in 1961.           Ambazonia or South Cameroons declared independence from Cameroon (West Africa) in September 2017. It followed escalating unrest that culminated in the main Cameroon government carrying out a series of brutal attacks that have been described as genocidal in nature. President Paul Biya has been president since 1982. That is 37 years. He would have to know what was going on, so he cannot wash his hands of the crimes being committed against these people. In fact, some of his language has led Cameroons to fear being ethnically cleansed. There have been videos, pictures and reports produced to support the claims. These included indiscriminate killing, wholesale burning of villages, rapes and humiliating acts. A petition by South Cameroons was presented to the United Nations and provided details of police raping students at a university.

Cause of the Divide

                    The South Cameroons are English-speaking citizens of South Cameroons while the rest of Cameroon is French speaking and this is the crux of the matter. The English citizens feel strongly, and not without justification, that they are being treated as second class citizens. From being blatantly penalized in the education system for being English speaking, things have degenerated into barbaric attacks. People have had their homes torched and their young people murdered. Like a lot of third world states, Cameroon has been in receipt of large amounts of Foreign Aid from the United Nations. That seems to have stopped. Only to be replaced by support from France.                   Like a number of places in West Africa, Cameroon has suffered vicious attacks by the dreaded Boko Haram, an extremist Islamic group renowned for their violent attacks, especially against children. While they kidnap girls, boys suffer machete attacks and being burned alive. To combat this, Cameroon has developed its own special forces unit, presumably receiving specialist training from the French military. The Cameroon special forces have quickly gained a reputation for being just as brutal as Boko Haram. The French authorities are allegedly taking the lead in resolving the issue in South Cameroons. How they are doing that is uncertain. The British role in the matter is to “Monitor the situation.”   Meanwhile, ten leaders of the Ambazonia separatist movement were arrested whilst in exile in Nigeria a year ago. They have been facing a Yaounde military tribunal, but have refused to identify as Cameroons. Instead there have been calls for them to be returned to the sanctuary of Nigeria.    

In writing this article, there are big gaps in the available information, so this is pieced together from what I have found so far.


Climate Change Uncovered

The Heresy of Global Warming Denial

Well, what a thorny topic this one is. I am sure that many people do not know what to make of what is going on regarding climate change. Probably most others though will have decided that all is true and we are all going to be cooked alive as the planet transforms itself into Venus. How can they believe any other when such a message is being delivered at multiple levels – in education, the media, so-called scientists, public officials, the entertainments industry, and through employers.  Furthermore, every weather event, from powerful winds to torrential rainfall or conversely, drought is being used as evidence that we humans are really bad for what we have done with greenhouse gases.

It goes further, if you are one of the doubters and sceptics then you risk being roundly condemned as an idiot and ignoramus. Worse, you can be treated as a heretical hater and targeted with physical and economic sanctions for your wrong-think and bigotry.  

These fears ignore counter arguments that provide for healthy discussion and the prospect of balanced views. We find all-too-often that poorly considered concepts form the back bone of public policy and, in the case of climate change, international policy. Policy becomes law along with another tier of taxation and once again the main stream media act like low IQ shrieking banshees by adopting a now boring partisan view oblivious and deaf to alternate points of view.

Climate change has become entrenched in minds as firmly as any religious belief system. It has become a dogma that form the mindset of an indoctrinated group.

In spite of Western countries proclaiming to be secular (i.e. non-religious) people always seem to want to have faith in something (even if it is just their local football team). Anyone who does not believe can expect to be condemned as a heretic and, with that label, can be heaped on all sorts of other denigrations such as “racist” or “misogynist” without any evidence that you actually are so. 

[caption id="attachment_46491" align="alignleft" width="191"] “YOU’RE A WHITE MALE!!”[/caption]

 This attitude is disturbingly authoritarian and a touch pathological   to boot. To illustrate this, listen for claims about “humans   destroying the planet” and there are “too many humans”. What   does that mean other than to suggest that there is a need for a cull   of humans. Ironically these people are not volunteering to be first   in line for the chopping block. Instead they typically have to   pointing the finger at another group to take the blame. This is   where the pathological side of identity politics rears its ugly head   for the ones to blame are white people or, more specifically white   males and even straight white males. It has to males whatever   because many of those doing the shrieking are white middle class   feminists.

Global Warming Dishonesty 

I am not going to go into all the ins and outs as that would take a scientific paper to cover all the aspects and, I am not a scientist and that is another thing, but I would encourage readers to look at Tony Heller’s productions on You Tube or Bitchute. He is not a declared scientist either, but an engineer who uses the already available and presents a story of dishonesty and downright fraud among our supposedly smarter Earth dwellers.

Let us start with a believable truth. Is there climate change? Such a question is like asking if there is air to breathe. Climate change is a constant evolution on planets having fluid atmospheres. All other planets in the solar system undergo climate change over time. Even Jupiter’s Great Red spot did not exist at one time and will disappear at some point in the future, though probably not in our lifetime.



Fluidic behaviour tends to be cyclical. The seasons, the tides, the way life and death, all of it has a cyclical aspect about it. To notice this, you do not need to be a scientist. I know of a number of farmers who could attest to this and none of them are scientists.

What has grasped the elitist world is that a) global warming is occurring; b) Co2 is the cause and c) Humans are responsible. .

Carbon Dioxide – Guilty or Not Guilty of causing Global Warming?

I will leave you to make your own mind up, but here are some truisms. Unfortunately, if you have already been indoctrinated by sustained propaganda messages and embrace the global warming claim, then you are probably going to react in a hostile manner to any possible challenge. If you are emotionally compromised in this way it suggests your thoughts are not your own but have become dogmas within you.

  1. The atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels are at 0.04% compared to water vapour levels which average at about 3% (depending where you live) which means there is about 75 times as much water vapour than CO2. Both are greenhouse gases and CO2 is more efficient at being so, but not 75 times as much therefore CO2 cannot be entirely to blame for global warming.
  2. An ice core sample taken from Antarctica provides a record of Earth’s climate stretching back hundreds of thousands of years. What it shows are temperatures and CO2 levels. It is clear that warming and cooling occur over time and are cyclical.
  3. What is interesting from the graph is that temperature changes precede changes in CO2 levels, not the other way round. In other words, as the temperature rises so does the level of CO2 and when temperature falls, so does the CO2 level. CO2 levels follow temperature changes not the other way round.
  4. If CO2 controls climate temperature then why, when CO2 levels are at their maximum does the temperature drop and we end up with an Ice Age? Does this not suggest that other factors are involved?
  5. Apparently, sea water absorbs much of the atmosphere’s CO2, but warm water is unable to retain as much as cold water. Therefore when it is warm, the sea releases more CO2 into the atmosphere which causes a measurable rise. Conversely, when it is cold, the sea reduces the amount. Again it is temperature that controls CO2 levels.
  6. Plants like CO2. It helps them grow and also to produce more fruits, seeds and vegetables. Greenhouse gardeners can attest to this. When they introduce CO2 to their plants, they get higher and better quality yields. It follows therefore that if we were to eliminate CO2 then that would not bode well for plant life and food abundance. To try to eliminate CO2 may be an extremely stupid idea since there is a strong possibility that food production will be adversely affected.
  7. Most life congregates around the warmer regions of the Earth and only about 2% lives in the polar region. This suggests that life prefers warm climates over cold.
  8. Looking at the graphical displays, the evidence shows that the general temperature changes are trending downwards and comparative photos show that the ice caps are growing, not shrinking.

On these points, I would vote ‘Not guilty’ to the charge that CO2 is causing Global Warming or that it will be the reason why we are plunged into another Ice Age.

It may make a contributing effect, but I do not believe that it is the main driver. Its proportion in the atmosphere appears to be as a consequence of changes of temperature, not the other way round. If this is the case, then why is there such a powerful desire to force people to accept something which is obviously flawed?


Humans – Guilty or Not Guilty of causing Global Warming?

The human factor is a little more complicated since objective data has to cope with the scrutiny of subjective belief.

Looking at the Ice Core graph and other follow up displays such as temperature changes in the past 130 years, there is no getting away from the fact that the 1930s saw some of the hottest temperatures on record. All temperature graphs seem to show the same trends of the Earth going through warm periods, followed by cooler ones. These are trends that are reflected over long time periods counting in thousands of years or over shorter periods of a century. 



  1. The pro-warming supporters do seem to be guilty of not presenting data honestly. There is a tendency to display graphs showing an increase in temperatures since 1960. They conveniently miss out the earlier data, which is every bit as relevant, and shows that prior to their start point temperatures were much warmer. Starting at a low point means the trend is more likely to show an upward trend as this is the upward part of a natural cycle.
  2. Tony Heller makes the case that there is some manipulation and ‘cherry picking’ of data to try to convey an alarming warming trend.
  3. There is the moving tipping point threshold for CO2 levels. Originally, 300 parts per million was the first tipping point level. When that was crossed and nothing happened it became 350. That was also crossed, so it was moved to 400 and now, I believe it is at 450 parts per million. This is the same as “moving the goalposts”.
  4. There does appear to have been at least six Ice Ages in the UK. Humans surely cannot be held responsible for previous warming and the freeze periods that followed them. Yet the claim is that our industrialized world is set to destroy the planet and or produce the next Ice Age.
  5. There is a strong desire to show a single cause for climate change rather than a multiplicity of factors of which the human factor is just one.

a) The sun makes up 99% of the entire solar system.

b) Changes in solar energy output. Over time, the sun’s diameter expands and shrinks. We do know that the sun goes through an 11 year sunspot cycle which affects its radiation output. However, it is also believed to have much longer cycles stretching hundreds and thousands of years.

c) Changes in the Earth’s orbital path. The Earth does not orbit the sun in a smooth elliptical trajectory. It tends to orbit in a ‘corkscrew’ movement. Not only that, over a period of time it spends some years closer to the sun and other years further away.

d) Periodic changes within the Earth’s core. This could lead to significant periods of volcanic activity and may also affect the Earth’s protective magnetosphere.

e) Asteroid/ meteorite impacts. The problem with this is that you would expect such events to happen randomly which would not fit in with the regular of warming and cooling cycles.

The next question is: Are we cooling or warming? 1934 was recorded as the hottest year of the 20th Century in the USA and 1963 the coldest. Although, in 1977 people froze to death in their cars in Boulder, Texas.


Is The Global Temperature Record Credible? (version 2)


Verdict on Humans causing global warming.

As it appears that we are in fact due to cool rather than warm then the assertion is incorrect. However, that does not mean that humans are entirely innocent. Given that the climate runs in cycles and has always done so, the best we can say is that humans will make some contribution but it is not leading to warming and as there are other significant factors such as the sun involved humans are not guilty as charged.


In conclusion, the global warming argument is a massive scam designed to transfer wealth from one group of people to another group of people and they are using propaganda and deception to ‘guilt’ the masses into hand over their ‘cash’ while making them believe they are saving the planet. Meanwhile, those who dare to call out the fraud are targeted as deniers, haters and stupid.






Guns in UK Homes

Basics of Handgun Legislation in the UK

Following the Dunblane massacre in 1996, the UK Government passed the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 and the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, defining “short firearms” as Section 5 Prohibited Weapons. This effectively banned private possession of handguns (except for Northern Ireland). However, members of the public continued to own sporting rifles and shotguns, subject to licensing. There are 1.3 million licensed shotguns in the UK which amounts to about 1 in 64 people. However, there are also an additional 535,000 legally licensed ‘firearms’ which are not shotguns.


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However, since 1996, the social climate has changed considerably in some areas. The demographic has shifted so significantly that London and other cities are no longer inhabited by traditional British people. In fact many are becoming increasingly dominated by those who’s culture is hostile to that of the host nation.


This is being repeated in much of Europe and people are waking up to the fact that they are being replaced and all that made up those people’s society, their history, their traditions and their values, are set to be swept away. Naturally, there are the more prominent individuals who are speaking up and taking action. However, the plan to replace the European people was planned a long time ago through the Kalergi Plan. 


The elites that are pushing this know and expect a reaction and so we have seen the rise and enforcement of Hate Speech laws. These are designed to shut down any complaint about what is going on. Dissidents will find themselves arrested, jailed, threatened and their lives put in danger. People are being subdued due to fear of being labelled a racist, a xenophobe and an Islamaphobe. 


The police are part of the system. They are operate as tools of the elite and can no longer be trusted to protect its citizens. Instead, they have been found to be used as weapons of oppression to silence those that dare raise a voice.

We have seen thousands of British girls being raped and authorities being prepared to do nothing except let it happen. The media, the politicians and the legislature have conspired to suppress action against those who would harm the most vulnerable. Instead, they chose to call anyone who calls them out as bigots and hatemongers when all they are doing is hiding their own crimes against humanity.

Hundreds of dissidents have found themselves being raided, arrested and charged for having the courage to speak up. The more prominent ones have been jailed and have suffered attacks while in jail. They have been threatened with murder and serious assault and these threats have been extended to their families.

Given that we no longer can rely on the police to protect dissidents effectively, is it not time to allow such individuals to legitimately keep firearms in their homes?

James A Williams

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Skins and Borders

Skins, borders, protective layers and, what ever else you would like to call them, are natural barriers that separate an object from its surrounding environment. They occur everywhere across the universe from galaxies and solar systems to seashores and blood cells. They give an entity its integrity and are vital for the efficient management of systems. Without them we would not exist.

For a human settlement, the rule is the same. The borders of towns, tribes, families and countries are vital for the functioning and protection for all who reside within the different forms of human community. They are not created due to racism or xenophobia or any other arbitrary human interpretation.They are natural and necessary. Boundaries exist for a reason.

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Natures examples of skins and borders


2g.Heliosphere_Image_main_BoundariesLgThe sun sends out a constant flow of charged particles called the solar wind, which ultimately travels past all the planets to some three times the distance to Pluto before being impeded by the interstellar medium. This forms a giant bubble around the sun and its planets, known as the heliosphere. 


Earth’s Magnetosphere

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Enveloping our planet and protecting us from the fury of the Sun is a giant bubble of magnetism called the magnetosphere. It deflects most of the solar material sweeping towards us from our star at 1 million miles per hour or more. Without the magnetosphere, the relentless action of these solar particles could strip the Earth of its protective layers, which shield us from the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation.


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Feminist Cover Up of Male Art Rejected by Public

Literal Cover Up [caption id="attachment_46292" align="alignleft" width="300"] Notice to Customers[/caption] Visitors hoping to admire Lord William Armstrong’s celebrated collection at a National Trust exhibition were furious to find ‘room after room’ of artwork covered with white sheets. The trust, which owns his Lordship’s former home of Cragside, covered up paintings and sculptures depicting men to highlight the ‘lack of female representation in art’. It meant visitors who had paid up to £49 to view the famous collection found almost half of the paintings hidden behind white sheets, while sculptures of men had bags placed over their heads.   [caption id="attachment_46293" align="alignleft" width="300"] Thing Not to See[/caption]     One said: ‘It was ridiculous. Whole corridors and room after room were completely covered.’ It was so unpopular that staff reportedly had to empty the visitor comments box three times a day because it was overflowing with complaints. The trust initially defended the ‘thought-provoking exhibition’ but later admitted: ‘Sometimes it doesn’t work as we intended.’  


Dear Sir/ Madam As a life member, I am absolutely appalled by the report of covering up art at Cragside because the creators were male. Who on Earth thought that was ever a good idea? I would have hoped the NT was above identity politics and misandric behaviour that has become all too prevalent in many areas of life. Your sincerely, James Williams


Dear James Thank you for your email. Thank you for your email and for raising your concerns about our recent exhibition at Cragside. As part of this year’s national programming ‘Women and Power’, which marks the centenary of some women being awarded the right of the vote, we are highlighting the history and important stories of the women who shaped the properties now in our care. The exhibition ‘The Great Cragside Cover up’ was a continuation of this programming, created by students from Newcastle University. The exhibition saw a small number of statues and portraits of men covered to help shine a light on the women who shaped Lord Armstrong’s work and home. This temporary student exhibition (which ran from 13 October until 5 November) was not about censoring art or being politically correct, but to encourage people to look at the collection differently and to stimulate debate. We know it is not unusual for some people to dislike or disagree with what they see in contemporary art. We’re glad that our members and visitors have had the opportunity to debate this exhibition and to feed back their thoughts, which shows that our exhibition has been successful in drawing attention to the way our collections are presented and for highlighting the history of this important property. We are always looking at ways in which we can bring the history and stories of our places to life for visitors and your feedback about the exhibition will help inform and shape our plans. Conservation remains at the heart of what we do and thanks to the support of our members and donors, we are spending more than ever before on conservation work. Part of conservation, however, involves understanding and communicating why these places are important to protect so that future generations will continue to care for them. I hope this is helpful and thank you for your support. Kind regards NAME REMOVED BY CHIMES Supporter Services Centre National Trust  


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Boy Ripped Apart by Bear Saving Young Cousin

Brave Rodion Burakov sacrifices himself while saving little cousin from bear in Russia

A courageous 15-year-old boy, Rodion Burakov, was practically ripped apart by a ferocious bear but still managed to rescue his little cousin as the two faced the animal alone in the middle of a forest in Russia’s eastern Kamchatka Region.

[caption id="attachment_46275" align="alignleft" width="300"] Brave Rodion Sacrifices himself to save cousin[/caption] Rodion, 15, and his cousin Boris, who is two years younger, lived in the tiny remote village of Lazo. On Monday 5th Nov 2018, they went to take a steam bath, located at the weather station where the father of one of the boys worked. The journey itself was long and challenging – the teenagers had to cross 14km of wilderness. Kamchatka is known for its large brown bear population. Since the area has yet to see any snow or freezing temperatures this year, animals that normally would be hibernating are out roaming around instead. Locals say that in this state, bears become extremely dangerous. Sometimes they even approach towns and villages in search of food. They can attack humans, too.

Just last August, bears killed a 23-year-old man who worked at the local nature reserve. An encounter with the fierce beast often means certain death for anyone, let alone a couple of unarmed teenagers.

Bear Attacked Boris First

The boys made it to the station safely, but on their way back, they weren’t so lucky. They ended up facing a bear in the middle of nowhere. They were completely alone, and there was no one to help them. They could have attempted to make a run for it, but the village was still about 5km away. The bear savagely attacked little Boris, but his older cousin didn’t hesitate to jump to the rescue and defend Boris. The move distracted the bear, and Boris seized the opportunity to flee. Wounded on his hand and head, the bloodied boy ran as fast as he could until he reached the fire station in his village. Locals commented on how deeply distressed and shaken he was. “The kid was practically silent, he was in shock,” chief local official Vladimir Voytsekhovsky told the media.

Hunters Dispatched

The boy did, however, tell them what happened. Hunters were immediately dispatched to track down the bear and find Rodion. The animal was found at the same spot and was put down as he was burying the dead teenager’s body. [caption id="attachment_46284" align="alignleft" width="150"] Rodion’s Remains Found[/caption]

Officials say that Rodion didn’t stand a chance. The bear tore off the boy’s limbs and fractured his skull.

Boris, meanwhile, was successfully stitched up in the hospital, and is expected to recover. “I lived and worked here for 35 years. I don’t remember any instances of a bear mauling a child. This wild case is a first one,” Voytsekhovsky noted.  

Chimes Comment

It is brave young men like Rodion that are huge losses to us all. What an incredible boy. God bless him.

Where in the World?

[caption id="attachment_46281" align="alignleft" width="300"] Kamchatka[/caption]                

Bears Tear Wolf Apart in Dutch Zoo  


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Vote With Your Feet Move to Gab

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